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Is Sustainable Fashion Becoming the Latest Trend?


A few years back, it was almost impossible for anyone in the fashion industry to talk about sustainable and social consciousness in a single statement. But if 2018 is any indication of things that are to come in the future, it is clear to say that fashion has indeed become responsible. How is this?

1Global mindfulness as a fashion style

2Staying cruelty-free

3Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

This is one industry that is known for reinventing and copying itself after every few years. To advance the recycling concept, designers have started finding creative ways of incorporating materials that had previously been recycled and discarded in their upcoming designs. In return, this means that less energy is used during the production process.

4Finding new raw materials

5Everything old is new again

Vogue Paris has gone on to predict that consumers and designers are likely to start falling in love again with 60’s shiny fabric and prints. This is an affirmation to the fact that fashion crazes may come and go, but pretty palettes will always be timeless.

6Worker rights

Sustainable fashion and eco-friendly practices are no longer concepts for the future, but rather being implemented here and now for the benefit of us all. With fashion following the trends of humanity (or vice versa) caring for our planet and the workers themselves leads to both better product and better practices making our world a happier, healthier place for consumers and workers alike.

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