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Kavanaugh’s Resort: A Stunning Minnesota Resort Vacation You Must Visit This Fall Season


Upon arriving at Kavanaugh’s Resort, you’ll immediately notice the vast number of trees in the area. In the fall, this provides gorgeous views of red, orange, and yellow in the form of falling leaves. There is an abundance of outdoor activities at this center that will keep you and your traveling partners occupied. Fall is the perfect time to visit – it’s not too hot or too cold, and the outdoor activities and amenities can still be accessed. The family-owned hideaway is the perfect place for a weekend (or even weeklong) stay. 

Fall Season in Brainerd: Visit Kavanaugh’s Resort, Minnesota resort, Brainerd resorts

Of course, this spot is an excellent place to vacation in the summer, winter, and spring. There are different activities available year-round. This Minnesota resort boasts gorgeous hiking trails, beaches, and a myriad of sports.

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Enjoy fall at Kavanaugh’s Resort in Brainerd, Minnesota

Staying at Kavanaugh’s, one of the best Minnesota resorts

This Brainerd resort offers many different accommodations. There are seven different types of buildings that you can stay in, an impressive amount. It’s no wonder Kavanaugh’s Resort is considered one of the best Minnesota resorts. There is sure to be an excellent place to stay with so many options that fit everyone’s needs. All of the condos, cottages, and suites even have cozy fireplaces and kettle grills.

Check in to The Oaks at Kavanaugh’s Resort in Minnesota

The first type of accommodation available, these small cottages are ideal for a couple staying for a weekend getaway or vacation. These cottages have a large bedroom equipped with a king-sized bed and two bathrooms. The spacious cabins have full kitchens for those who decide to stay longer. An adorable porch lines the cottages for sunset views.  

Stay at The Maples at Kavanaugh’s, a Minnesota Resort

This condo has a more open kitchen plan and would be an excellent place for a small group of friends to stay. One bedroom with a queen-sized bed can fit 1-2 people, and a pull-out bed in the living room can accommodate another 1-2 people. Each area has its bathroom as well, perfect for a relaxing weekend with close friends. Don’t forget to check out the grill on the water-facing deck, where you can sit and enjoy the views while cooking up a delicious dinner.

Fall Season in Brainerd: Visit Kavanaugh’s Resort, Minnesota resort, Brainerd resorts

Experience The Views at Kavanaugh’s, a Minnesota Resort

This accommodation can hold 4-6 people. This is a great spot for families to stay in. There is a double bedroom upstairs (perfect for the kids!) and a queen-sized pull-down bed in the living room. Also available in this space are two bathrooms and a deck that faces the gorgeous lake.

Sprawl Out in The Westwoods at Kavanaugh’s, a Minnesota Resort

If you’re seeking a little bit more space, the Westwoods condos are perfect for you. These condos have two full bedrooms plus a queen-fold down bed in the living room. Two and one-half bathrooms are included, and up to six people can fit in this condo. Taking a vacation with two close families is a great idea as this building is split into three side-by-side condos.

Gather with Friends at The Cedarwoods at Kavanaugh’s, a Minnesota Resort

This housing spot is perfect for larger group gatherings like a vacation with friends! The condos have two levels and three bedrooms, with an additional hideaway bed in the living room. Up to eight people can fit in these condos, and there are three bathrooms. Even with eight people, it will never feel crowded.


Watch the sunrise from the deck at The Woods at Kavanaugh’s, a Brainerd Resort

This is another great option for larger groups. Similar to the Cedarwoods condos, there are three bedrooms and a hideaway bed. The main differences will be the layout, one less bathroom, and a deck facing the lake. There is still substantial room in The Woods condos, and they are able to fit up to eight people as well.

Relax at The Cottages

The Cottages is another available space that works well with groups of six to eight people. For this building, each group of people will have their own room, and there is no hideaway bed. The cottages offer more privacy as each cottage is a separate unit. Three bathrooms are included as well in this accommodation.

Sunbathe at the Pool Suites

If you’re seeking a getaway that’s different from the other cottages and condos, check out the pool suites. The pool suites are located right near the pool complex. Some even lead directly to the pool through the back sliding glass doors. These pool suites contain a huge bedroom that fits two queen-sized beds, a bathroom, a full-sized kitchen, and a dining room. This space can hold up to four people and is an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing stay lounging by the pool.

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Fill your time with outdoor activities at this Brainerd Resort

Many events are available at this Minnesota resort throughout all of the seasons. An abundance of outdoor happenings will allow you to appreciate the beautiful scenery, fall foliage, and panoramic view of the lake.

Fall Season in Brainerd: Visit Kavanaugh’s Resort, Minnesota resort, Brainerd resorts

Enjoy the Brainerd Lakes Area

The main section of this Minnesota resort is the perfect setting for a day of fun for the whole family. Grab your significant other and children and get ready for a day in the sun. Here you can hike and bike along the 4400 feet of trails or check out The City Trail, which has nine miles of paved paths and leads from the resort to the Gull Lake Dam Reception Area. Along the way, you’re sure to cross over adorable footbridges, take breaks by sitting on plenty of lakeside benches and move through the gorgeous space. Don’t forget to stop and take pictures of the sites.

For those who want to stay closer to the center of the retreat, there are two beaches that you can sunbathe and swim at. Play a round of family volleyball right on the pristine sands of one of the beaches.

Entertain the Kids With Water Sports

You can’t visit this Minnesota resort without partaking in some water sports. Paddleboards and kayaks are available for rental. Paddle your way around the lake in the summer and fall as a different way of enjoying the changing foliage.

Hang Out on The Lake With Boat Rentals

For those who want even more time on the water, fishing boats and pontoon boats are available. Take a boat and ride around the lake. Bring lunch and enjoy the weather and views at the same time.


There are miles and miles of paved trails coming from Kavanaugh’s Resort and leading all around the Brainerd Lakes area. Fall is an amazing time to explore these bike trails because no stretch of road is the same, some are even fully covered with beautiful orange leaves. In the winter these trails are used for snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, so you will have hours and hours of fun.


You don’t go to a Minnesota lake cabin without intending on fishing. There are plenty of opportunities and places to fish, whether you do it off the dock outside of your cabin or rent a boat and go out for half a day. Fishing is easy, so even kids can participate and get their first (or 100th) catch.

Views this gorgeous beg for an evening of relaxation, even for the most impatient of explorers.

Additional Activities to Check Out

Other available diversions include two different pools that can be used (both indoor and outdoor), basketball courts, and tennis courts. Winter brings with it ski, snowshoe, or ice skate rentals along with snowmobile trails.

Take a break from outdoor sports with local cuisine

Where to Eat at Kavanaugh’s

Although there is no longer a restaurant directly at this Minnesota lake resort, the kitchens and kitchenettes in each of the condos, cottages, and suites offer the ability for guests to cook for themselves. If you’re looking to save money on the trip, this is a great way to do so.

If you’re someone who loves to try new restaurants and foods while on vacation, have no fear, there are plenty of local restaurants that offer amazing dishes.

Fall Season in Brainerd: Visit Kavanaugh’s Resort, Minnesota resort, Brainerd resorts

Eat at The Classic Grill

The Classic Grill at Madden’s is just about a mile away – a quick drive and is highly recommended. This restaurant offers a menu that is inspired by the surrounding towns. Specializing in American and contemporary food, this is the perfect spot to stop by for lunch and dinner. Dining in at this restaurant, you will be able to choose from Chinese ribs to BLTs, burgers, steak, and lobster. There’s something to satisfy everyone in your party.

Fall Season in Brainerd: Visit Kavanaugh’s Resort, Minnesota resort, Brainerd resorts

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Other attractions to check out with your family

Nearby Brainerd Activities

If the available attractions at this holiday spot don’t quite pique your interest, there are nearby activities available, including minigolf, horseback riding, and additional fishing opportunities.


Experience Paul Bunyan Land

This spot is sure to be enjoyable for both kids and adults. An animated giant version of Paul Bunyan greets customers by name as you head into this amusement park. There are rides galore for the kids and a pioneer village for the parents to check out.

Take a Step Back into History at Crow Wing County Museum

Also located in the town of Brainerd, this museum offers history lovers a variety of educational exhibits to meander through. Check out authentic mining tools, railroad artifacts, and even a preserved jail cell from the 1800s. Enjoy a trip through local history by visiting the Crow Wing County Museum.

Kavanaugh’s resort is a magical place to visit year-round with its beautiful natural surroundings and exciting pastimes. This Minnesota lake resort is perfect for families and promises to keep people of all ages entertained. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, paddle boarding on the lake, or exploring the trails, you’re sure to enjoy your time here. Cuddle up in front of the fireplaces or sip lemonade out by the grill as you enjoy the serenity of the lake. This family-friendly retreat is an unforgettable vacation experience and truly one of the best Minnesota resorts

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A Stunning Fall Visit to Kavanaugh’s Resort in Brainerd, Minnesota

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