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Last Minute Best Gifts For Men

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Running out of holiday gift ideas? We have you covered with these last minute gifts for men that you may not have thought about before. Whether you are shopping for a brother, husband, your father, a son, or just a close male friend, you are sure to find one or more perfect gifts for men that will complete your shopping list. 

Last minute gifts for men from Owl Car Cam

daily mom parent portal owl car cam dash gifts for men

Thanks to vast advancements in technology over the last several years, home security camera’s have become more accessible for the typical consumer. Why shouldn’t those same advances also lead to bringing video capabilities into your car. Adding the Owl Car Cam is more than putting a simple dash camera on your car, it’s adding a whole new level of personal safety to your life. For those you care about, there is no better gift for men who want some additional safety than an Owl Car Cam. 

With duel-facing HD camera’s the Owl captures both what is happening on the road in front of you, and also a bird-eye’s view of your entire vehicle. This means if an accident should approach you from behind, it’ll be captured on video for everyone to see. The secondary camera also makes the Owl ideal for rideshare drivers who might want to keep an extra close eye on passengers.

owl car cam daily mom parent portal gifts for men

The Owl is incredibly easy to set up. Connect the power cable to the vehicles OBD port, located under the steering wheel, and wrap the cord up through edge of the dashboard. The provided tuck stick allows you to properly fasten the cable into the edge of the dash for a cord free appearance. The camera itself sits on a window mounted pedestal, up out of your line of vision.   

owl car cam sunset daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Instant video access and a fully integrated 4G LTE connection allows you to view the images from your car anywhere in the world. Check to see if your car is covered with ice from the airport terminal or even catch suspicious activity surrounding the area when you are away. All video is saved on the camera’s internal memory for up to 14 days allowing insurance claims for accidents or discovering when a door dent occurred that much easier. 

Owl Cam Features:

  • Two HD Cameras 
  • Cord-free appearance 
  • Remote video access 
  • Security beacon and flood light is an anti-theft deterrent 
  • 100% private video storage

Owl Car Cam

Owl Car Cam | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Last minute gifts for men from SKYPRO

SKYPRO emi fox

Looking for a gift for someone who works on their feet all day? SKYPRO specializes in professional footwear that both looks good and is durable. They have teamed up with dozens of organizations in the airline industry who use SKYPRO as their trusted name for footwear. Those in the airline industry put their equipment and apparel to the test every day and need it to be reliable for countless long hours of use. If these shoes can handle the rigors of these professionals then they would be a great gift that will last for many years to come. 

SKYPRO wilhemkress

SKYPRO has both men’s and women’s professional dress shoes. FUN FACT: Every shoe is named after a famous aviator! There are many great features built into these shoes. Every shoe is made with Anti-Skid design to ensure maximum slip resistance. Also, they have Anti-Static technology which provided a controlled dispersal of electric discharges. Another great feature for anyone who travels is the Alarm-free technology with makes them airport friendly! 

Skypro flight socks polyamide 1

In addition, SKYPRO also has dress shirts, underwear, compression socks, and various accessories such as belts and gloves. Compression socks are a great gift for anyone who loves to travel. Everything is designed with maximum durability and comfort in mind. You won’t find apparel more up for the job than SKYPRO.

Men’s | Women’s

SKYPRO | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter |Youtube

Last minute gifts for men from TherapaedicInternational Weighted Blanket

daily mom parents portal weighted blanket daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Reduce stress, calm your nerves, and give the gift of a good nights sleep this Christmas with a weighted blanket from therapeutic international. The perfect gift for men on your shopping list, this blanket will not only be appreciated this winter season but is the perfect weight and material for use all year long. Ideal for curling up by the fire, comfy and cozy, or de-stressing after a long day at work, this weighted blanket comes in different sizes/weights so you can select the best size for the man, woman, or even child in your life.

daily mom parents portal weighted blanket2 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Weighted blankets have been proven to increase serotonin levels in the body which helps regulate moods and improves relaxation. This year gift the hard-working man in your life a weighted blanket just his size to help him ease out of work mode when he comes home at the end of a long day. We love the Therapedic Weighted Blanket from Therapedic International. Available in 3 sizes based on body weight and 3 different colors (grey, navy, and taupe) there is sure to be one to fit your needs. Filled with glass pellets to optimize the weight and balance of the blanket, this weighted blanket feels like a warm, soothing embrace perfect for a calming sleep experience. This holiday season give the gift of calm and comfort as all anyone really wants for Christmas is a silent night of peaceful sleep.

Therapedic XL Weighted Blanket

Therapedic | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter

Last minute gifts for men OGIO

alpha convoy bag gifts for men

For guys on the go, a high quality bag is the perfect gift that he will enjoy all year long. Selecting a bag that can hold up to his busy lifestyle, with plenty of space for all his gear, will make you a holiday hero. The Alpha Convoy 320 backpack is the perfect daily companion for any guy on your holiday shopping list.

Constructed from 100% CORDURA Eco Fabric, his new bag can go from the mountain top to the train without taking a beating. An ultra durable polyester constructed from recycled plastic, the OGIO’s bags are made to stand up to the toughest conditions.

alpha convoy bag laptop pocket

A dedicated laptop pocket is separated from the rest of the bag. Easily fitting up a laptop or tablet up to 15″ wide, your electronics are fully protected in a waterproof safe compartment.

alpha convoy gift guide

On the outside of the bag, OGIO MOD webbing operates similar to tactical molle straps. He can easily customize storage options with OGIO’s compatible MOD cases. Adjustable shoulder straps, large water bottle pockets and a wide assortment of zippered pockets helps your favorite guy stay organized and comfortable no matter where he is headed. The Alpha Convoy is truely the perfect gift for the perfect guy. 

Alpha Convoy 320 Backpack

OGIO | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Last minute gifts for men from Motorola Solutions

71FfUMoe1WL. SL1500 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Your family’s safety is always your number one priority. This Christmas, give a gift that keeps contact and communication open at all times with the T605 Rechargeable Two-Way Radios from Motorola. Whether you are a family full of avid outdoorsman who love hiking, fishing, and time spent in the woods, or you are heading out for your annual family ski trip in the mountains, these two-way radios will keep you connected when it matters most. With the ability to maintain frequency even in areas with no cell service, you can stay in touch during even your most extreme outdoor adventures.

daily mom parents portal 15 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Features we love include the rugged, durable, fully waterproof design and emergency features such as flashlights, the ability to float, weather alerts, and the long battery life. Additionally, the 35 mile range and 22 channels + 121 privacy codes, will keep your family safe and connected this season. Anywhere you may be separated these handheld devices are sure to come in handy. Give the gift of safety and piece of mind to the avid outdoorsman this holiday with the T605 Rechargeable Two-Way Radios from Motorola.

T605 Rechargeable Two-Way Radios

Motorola Solutions | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter |YouTube

Last minute gifts for men from Uncaged Ergonomics

daily mom parents portal holiday guides7 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Sitting is the new smoking so this holiday season give the gift of health, wealth, and prosperity with the Base+ Standing Desk Balance Board from Uncaged Ergonomics. Perfect for the working professional in your life, if he spends all day in an office or at a computer this board is meant for him. With the ability to rock, move, swivel surf, or stand still, this active balance board will help your loved one’s posture and core all while working throughout the day. 

daily mom parents portal holiday guides8 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Meticulously designed for optimal, safe use, this easy on and off balance board is crafted with your proper range of motion in mind. With a premium aluminum bottom, solid eco-bamboo top, and non-skid, non-marking bottom and corners, this balance board is sure to make your loved one’s time at work more enjoyable and better for their health.

Base+ Active Standing Desk Balance Board

Uncaged Ergonomics | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter |Pinterest | Google+

Last minute gifts for men from Acmemade

You do not have to know a professional backpacker to consider this must-have gift for men. Whether traveling light for a two-day business trip or seeing the world as a seasoned frequent flyer, ACME’s Divisadero Traveler Backpack should be your first choice for a ‘can’t-leave-home-without-it’ traveling accessory.

dailymom parent portal acme backpack 5 1 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

We love the lightweight and modern style of this exceptionally travel-friendly bag. It is ready to go from office to airplane with plenty of storage for your personal and business needs for a one or two-day trip. 

dailymom parent portal acme backpack 4 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

The padded shoulder and back support design make this the perfect bag for long connections or during commuting walks. You will also appreciate the protection for your devices with the attached padded and quilted pocket.

dailymom parent portal acme backpack 3 daily mom parent portal gifts for men
dailymom parent portal acme backpack 1 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

With these must-have features, you will see why this is the perfect gift for the travel-loving person in your life:

  • Easy to access zipper pulls
  • Front flap pocket for quick access to small essentials with aluminum hooks for quick, silent and secure closure.
  • Three exterior front pockets – top pocket is plush lined for your glasses or cell phone.
  • Dedicated padded and quilted laptop pocket with suspension. Fits most 17″ laptops
dailymom parent portal acme backpack 2 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Of course, these key features are a necessity while traveling as well to make everything organized and easily accessible:

  • Exclusive low-profile organizational panel keeping pens, business cards and other necessities easily accessible.
  • Collapsible side pockets provide ample space for large water bottles
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • 21 liter capacity

Divisadero Traveler Backpack

Acmemade | Facebook | Instagram| Twitter| Pinterest | YouTube | LinkedIn

Last minute gifts for men from Tophatter

xtreme raptor

When you have a hard to shop for person on your list, Tophatter is the place to go. With the lowest prices on the newest gadgets you are bound to discover something for even the most difficult person to gift. Top Hatter is an auction style site and live feeds share the hottest new items, like the Xtreme Raptor Quadcopter Drone.

xtreme raptor stock

Easy to fly, the Xtreme Raptor has 360 degrees of mobility and a built in front facing camera. Plug in your own SD camera and record up to 10 minutes of continuous flight action. LED lighting makes night flights easy and a 2.4ghz remote control means you’ll never experience interference from other nearby remotes. 

xtreme raptor 2

Most auctions last 90 seconds, meaning when you see something you want, you need to act quickly. If you happen to miss a sale you can ‘favorite’ the deal so if it comes up for auction in the future you’ll be notified immediately. When you win an item on Tophatter, you’ll be asked to sign in through Paypal to process the order. All sales are protected by the Tophatter customer service giving you up to 30 days to decide if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Xtreme Raptor Quadcopter Drone

Tophatter | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Last minute gifts for men from Boulder Denim

Have an athlete on your list this year? Do you know someone who is a little more adventurous than most? Boulder Denim has set out to provide jeans that fit the active lifestyle of an athlete or those that don’t want to be restricted by their jeans. 

Athletic Right Side Boulder Denim daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Denim or your favorite jeans are great, but most brands don’t provide the versatility you’d like. Maybe those old faithful pair of blue jeans that you’ve had for 25 years are so comfortable, but hardly holding together anymore. 

 Boulder Denim daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Boulder Denim jeans provide an extreme stretch that can handle the most technical of movements. These jeans are demoed at rock climbing events by athletes putting them to the challenge. Durability was also built into these jeans as they boast a lifetime warranty. It’s time to tell your old faithful blue jeans goodbye and upgrade this year. 

In addition, Boulder Denim produces these jeans with the environment in mind and stands by ethically made products. They come in both men’s and women’s and you can choose from a more athletic fit or slim fit.

Here’s a great list of features:

  • Proprietary 360° EDS technology (extreme diagonal stretch) 
  • Memory-Shape Denim 
  • Trap Pocket (hidden zipper pocket)
  • No-Gap Waistband
  • Vegan-Approved
  • Stain/Water Resistant
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Ethically-made
  • Pre-Shrunk

Boulder Denim Men’s Jeans

Boulder Denim| Facebook |Instagram 

Last minute gifts for men from EyeBuyDirect

Daily Mom parents portal holiday 2018 EyeBuyDirect Stock gifts for men

Do you know someone in your life addicted to the screen? Or maybe a better question to ask is: do you have anyone in your life who isn’t? This holiday season, consider giving the techie or gamer in your life some blue light blockers with EyeBuyDirect’s digital screen protection glasses.

A main source of HEV light in our lives is the harmful blue-violet light emitted by our digital screens. From TVs to tablets, and computers to phones, we’re constantly exposing ourselves to unnatural blue light. By wearing blue light blocking glasses, you can limit the amount of bluelight that enters your eyes and make your screen time more pleasant.

Daily Mom parents portal holiday 2018 EyeBuyDirect Model gifts for men

A complete pair of glasses with EBD Blue lenses start at just $25. A complete pair of glasses with Sight Reflex lenses, which offer reading enhancement features, start at $35.

So whether you are buying for the office Secret Santa gift exchange, surprising your best friend with a fashion-forward design, or buying yourself a much needed pair of glasses, check out EyeBuyDirect. Whether their style is vintage, wayfarer, rimless or anywhere in between, give the gift of digital screen protection. Their (or your) eyes will thank you.

Aurora Marbled Havana with Sight Reflex Lenses

EyeBuy Direct | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter |Pinterest

Last minute gifts for men from Absolute Zero Gamma+ Razor

Daily Mom Parents Portal Last minute guide gifts for men

He loves a close shave, but every razor he’s tried just isn’t cutting it. Everything he’s used- electric or manual- leaves a bit of stubble on his face and his 5 o’clock shadow is more like a noon shadow. He needs somethings hat gives him absolutely zero stubble- enter the Absolute Zero Gamma+ Razor.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Last minute guide gifts for men
Daily Mom Parents Portal Last minute guide gifts for men

The Absolute Zero Gamma+ Razor is a professional finishing foil razor that offers a close shave without irritating the skin. The ultra-thin, floating, staggered, gold titanium foils make it easy to shave, leaving no stubble or razor burn. It runs up to 120 minutes on one charge or it can be plugged in for use. It is lightweight at only 4.6 ounces making it perfect for travel or on-the-go shaving needs. The retractable trimmer hits those hard to reach places or just gives a slight trim where he needs it.

If your man needs a new razor this holiday season, get one he will love with the Absolute Zero Gamma+ Razor.

Absolute Zero Gamma+ Razor

Gamma+ |Instagram

Last minute gifts for men from Mixcder

You know there are some people who just need to block out the noise of the world and just be in their own zone. Sure, you could get them headphones, but if they don’t cancel out the noise, then what good is that? Mixcder has provided the perfect gift for men that not only puts him in his zone, but completely cancels out the world. The Mixcder 7 smartly cancels out outside noise to keep you right where you need to be…in the zone.

mixcder collage  daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Conveniently wireless and holding a charge to last you 20 hours, your ‘zone time’ will be plentiful. And for some reason, if someone actually happens to call you while you are zoning out while doing your thing (studying, working out, or even meditating), the Bluetooth enabled feature allows you to take crystal clear calls.

daily mom portal mixcder daily mom parent portal gifts for men

With just a single flick, low-frequency noise is shut out. Wrapped in the comfortable soft protein ear pad with an adjustable headband, go ahead – give someone their own zone to be in.

daily mom portal mixcder daily mom parent portal gifts for men

No need to tell everyone else to quiet down…you won’t hear the chaos around you and it’s completely hands-free. You’re welcome.

Mixcder 7

Mixcder | Facebook |Youtube

Last minute gifts for men from The Northwest Gear

daily mom parent portal the northwest daily mom parent portal gifts for men

For your sports fanatic, you can’t go wrong with giving them some gear of their favorite sports team. The Northwest offers a huge variety of gifts that any man on your list will not only enjoy but are practical. The Wingman Duffel is a lightweight bag with your team’s logo screen printed on the front. This duffel bag actually folds up compactly into the exterior pocket creating a small pouch allowing you to bring this bag along in your travels for extra storage. The Wingman Duffel has comfortable carrying handles as well as a removable shoulder strap.

daily mom parent portal the northwest daily mom parent portal gifts for men

A Steering Wheel Cover is something all drivers could use (especially if you are driving to cheer on your favorite team). The Northwest Steering Wheel Cover is a black cover proudly displaying your team’s logo to see no matter which direction your turn the wheel. Your hands will feel comfortable against the rubber grip making driving long distances enjoyable and easy.

Wingman Duffel | Steering Wheel Cover

The Northwest | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Last minute gifts for men from Silk

daily mom parents portal silk daily mom parent portal gifts for men

In this age of tech and innovation, everyone single person out there gets tired of constantly searching for their charger. Cords aren’t long enough or the charger falls behind the bed or bookcase, if this is a constant inconvenience you understand this holiday season there is a solution with the Silk Cable Wrangler. Perfect for the techie in your life, this neat, discreet little device will solve the problem of the ‘lost cord/charger.’

daily mom parents portal silk2 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

This Silk Cable Wrangler is an attractive little device that fits neatly on your desk or nightstand, or anywhere else you see fit, and uses magnets to hold all of your charging cords in one place. Available on its own or with a 6ft. long lighting cable and 2 port wall charger, there is no longer any reason to have to crawl around on the floor digging for cords. This gift is especially perfect of the man in your life because he likely loves useful and practical gifts during the holiday season.

Cable Wrangler

Silk | Facebook |Instagram

Last minute gifts for men from JPillow

This holiday season, you will most likely come across many babies that can literally, sleep anywhere! We are not going to lie, as an adult, we secretly wish we could too. Now all of us adults are able to sleep, at least sitting up, with the JPillow.

dailymom parent portal jpillow 2 daily mom parent portal gifts for men
daily mom parent portal jpillow1 daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Sleep is priceless and just like a baby, now you can sleep anywhere. Whether you commute daily in vanpool or are waiting to cash in on those frequent flier miles; you need a Jpillow. No more head nodding with the support of your head, neck, and chin all at once.


Jpillow | Facebook | Instagram| Twitter| Pinterest | YouTube

Last minute gifts for men from Pre

Eat Pre Beef daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Help your gift recipient start their new year off right with the gift of healthy eating. The average person gains 7 to 10 pounds from Thanksgiving through Christmas Day, that means most folks wrap up Christmas with a new goal to treat their body better. 

Did you know the healthiest food is often also the best tasting? That’s why Pre is the perfect gift for moms, dads, foodies and fitness fanatics. Pre beef is grass fed and finished making it a unique and flavorful way to rededicate to health eating after the holidays. Grass fed beef tastes differently from grain fed products, and is typically a leaner cut of meat. Pre beef curates their cuts of meat for the best flavor and tenderness, making sure every piece of meat in your freezer is as delicious as the one before.

Eat Pre Beef daily mom parent portal gifts for men

Pre beef is individually portioned, allowing for more consitent control of calorie intake. Additionally the grass fed nature of Pre provides a higher percentage of Omega 3s, higher CLA and is 63% less fat than USDA choice version of the same cuts of beef.

chefselection 1000px 2000x

With four curated boxes to choose from, giving Pre has never been easier. Each fit is crafted for specific types of cooks in mind, and packages are shipped directly to your gift recipient ready to go in the refrigerator or freezer. Our gift pick this season is the Chef’s Selection Box. Selected by Pre’s expert chef, this box includes 4 Top Sirloin Steaks, 4 Ribeye Steaks, 2 Chuck Roasts and 2 80% Lean Ground Beef Blocks. For the average family that’s over 5 meals!

Chef’s Selection Box

Pre | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

These last minute gifts for men are sure to bring joy and thoughtfulness into your home. The men in your life deserve nothing but the best of your heart, even if it’s simply a hunk of meat to celebrate the holidays! His belly will be full and so is your heart. Happy Holidays!

For more of our 2018 holiday gift guides, click here.


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