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Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends

Halloween is just around the corner and if your kids are like, well, every other kid they are probably indecisive about what to wear for Halloween. Luckily, we have some last minute Halloween costume trends that are on point for this year with some of the most popular movies and characters, as well as some DIY Halloween costumes if you like to handle Halloween old school-style.

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Halloween Costume Trends For the “Buy Online” Mom

Walking into a store to try and find your child a Halloween costume is like walking into a brightly lit haunted house. But it’s not because the costumes are scary- it’s because trying to get your child to decide on one costume is a terrifying ordeal. And heaven forbid you buy a costume too early and then your child decides they want to be something else! Take all the scary out of the equation with these top last minute Halloween costume trends that will make your children actually want to stick with their original costume. The best part? You don’t have to actually walk into a Halloween store.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends That Are Super On Point

The Descendants are a popular character for this year’s Halloween costumes for both boys and girls. The third and final movie of the popular Disney series came out in August, so kids are still talking about it which will make your pre-teen giddy with excitement to be their favorite character. Spirit Halloween makes it easy for your child to pick which Descendants Halloween costume they want, as well as makes it easy for you because they will send it right to your door.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends That Are Super On Point

Another fan favorite this Halloween is mermaids. Mermaids have been on trend for the past couple years and it’s not slowing down any time soon. And with the new live action Little Mermaid set to come out next year, we are guessing that you still have a few years of mythical sea people in your life. This mermaid costume from Spirit Halloween is perfect for your little girl or boy who just wants to dress up as a fantastic mystical mermaid while still being able to walk (read: run) from house to house collecting their Halloween candy. Add a mermaid face stencil to their costume for an added bonus, and it will soon become their favorite costume for the season.

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Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends That Are Super On Point

Another popular movie turned into Halloween costumes this year is Toy Story 4. Your child’s favorite character from the movie that was once one of our generation’s favorite movies. Your child can dress up as Woody, Buzz, Jessie, or Bo Peep with this Halloween costume trend. Each costume comes with all the pieces you need to create the perfect ensemble so you don’t have to go from store to store with your little one gathering all the pieces.

4Aladdin Halloween Costumes for the Family

Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends That Are Super On Point

Brand new to the live action movie scene is another of our generation’s favorite movies, Aladdin. Your children have now been introduced to a whole new world, and so have you- the world of family Halloween costumes. Spirit Halloween has you covered, too. Set mom up with a perfect Jasmine costume while one of the kids dresses up as her trusty sidekick, Raja. Together they will have the perfect family outfit to walk around the neighborhood this Halloween.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends That Are Super On Point

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DIY Halloween Costumes for the Almost-Pinterest Mom

We know you are out there- those moms that actually make their child’s Halloween costumes every year. We don’t know how you find the time but we tip our hats to you. Even if crafting isn’t your thing, you might find yourself in a DIY predicament for Halloween costumes this year when your child asks to be a Dinosaur Ninja Fairy. Never fear though- with KiwiCo you and your child can Frankenstein a Halloween costume together with some of their Halloween costume kits.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends That Are Super On Point

If a cool dinosaur is part of your child’s costume this year, KiwiCo can help you and your little one make a super cool chomping mechanical dinosaur together. Not only will your child have a dinosaur Halloween costume that takes it to the next level, but they will also learn basic physics and engineering while constructing their costumes.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends That Are Super On Point

Unicorns are another on-trend character this year, but you can take your child’s unicorn costume above and beyond a simple headband with a horn and create a full-on glow-in-the-dark unicorn horn costume. Together with your child, you can use skills like electrical engineering, fine motor skills, and cognitive problem solving skills to put together this fun and electric (pun intended) unicorn Halloween costume. You even can make a matching unicorn tail to complete the outfit.

7Bird DIY Halloween Costume

Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends That Are Super On Point

Halloween will be bright with flying colors this year with this DIY bird costume from KiwiCo. Your child can let their creative side out by creating their very own bird wings and feathery face mask with interchangeable beaks for their Halloween costume this year. They can even create a little bird friend to go along with them as this kit also includes molding clay to make their own bird.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends That Are Super On Point

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What Halloween season wouldn’t be complete without a fun DIY project for the whole family? KiwiCo not only has fun DIY Halloween costumes but they also have Halloween STEM projects that are fun to do with the entire family while you get into the Halloween spirit. This haunted house kit has everything you need to create a spooky yet cute haunted house for your front porch or kitchen table centerpiece. The kit helps you and your child engineer a battery-powered haunted house with LED lights. They can customize it with some creepy decorations for fun, too.

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Halloween is just weeks away and if you’re like most moms, you’re either just starting your search for the perfect last minute Halloween costume or making changes to the Halloween costumes your children swore up and down that they would totally, definitely wear but then changed their minds. Either way, these Halloween costume trends, and DIY Halloween costumes are perfect for the festivities, and your child will be sure to love them.

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Last Minute Halloween Costume Trends That Are Super On Point

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