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Maternity Photo Inspiration: Rustic Couples Photos


There is nothing more natural and beautiful than a woman about to have a child. When planning your maternity photos you may want to consider juxtaposing your natural beauty against a more wild and untamed rustic backdrop. This beautiful mama headed into thick greenery to capture these shots and the result is breathtaking. We are loving these rustic couples photos from Garnet Dahlia Photography.

Rustic Maternity Photos Rustic Maternity Photos Rustic Maternity Photos

A lot of maternity photos focus primarily on Mom and baby. This is a unique time in her life and an important moment to celebrate. In addition to celebrating Mom, these stunning photos bring Dad into focus while letting Mom be the star of the shoot. The romantic posing and creative use of natural light create an image that the entire family will fall in love with. You can really see the love this couple shares in these images! Imagine sharing these photos decades later with an adult child and experiencing again the love you had for the time you carried them.

Rustic Maternity Photos Rustic Maternity Photos Couples Maternity Photos Couples Maternity Photos Couples Maternity Photos

Pregnancy and parenthood are journeys you walk together. Celebrating that time you share as a couple commemorates the people you were before baby arrives and the family you will be after they are born. No matter how many children you choose to have, enjoying this special time in each pregnancy will give you a memory you can look back on for a lifetime.

Couples Maternity Photos Couples Maternity Photos

To create this look for your maternity photos, pair a floral print maxi dress with a complimentary colored men’s button-up shirt. You may even be able to find a dress you love outside of the maternity section! Wrap dresses like the one shown in these photos are perfect for a growing belly and can be worn long after the baby is born. How beautiful would it be to revisit this dress in a later photo shoot while holding your perfect newborn baby?

Couples Maternity Photos Couples Maternity Photos

Vicki from Garnet Dahlia specializes in Pennsylvania couples photography and also travels throughout the US to provide unique adventure sessions. Her mission is to capture raw moments and memories from behind a photographers lens. We are honored that Vicki chose to share these stunning images with Daily Mom!

Interested in other ideas to inspire your maternity photo session? Have you thought about a Milk bath Maternity photo shoot? See a milk bath photo shoot here and decide for yourself if those are the photos for you. 

Rustic maternity photo ideas

Photo credit: Garnet Dahlia

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