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MIKU Baby Monitor: Letting You Rest Easy


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A beautiful growing baby, in the perfect nursery, dreaming sweetly. That is what every parent wants. However, despite these things, parents worry about their little bundle of joy while they sleep. We stay up frantically checking on them even though other parents reassure us that our baby will be okay. They tell us “sleep when baby sleeps”. Yeah right. New parents cannot help but feel stressed when they put their baby to bed. The Miku baby monitor helps ease the sleepless nights and gives mom and dad a chance for a peaceful night’s sleep. The Miku offers a variety of unique and useful tools to aid parents in their quest for deep sleep.

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Real-Time Breathing And Sleep Tracking:

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Miku Baby Monitor: Letting You Rest Easy

The Miku baby monitor offers real-time breathing and sleep tracking of your little one. When your mini-me is sleeping sweetly, there is peace of mind knowing that the Miku baby monitor is tracking your baby’s breathing in real-time. The monitor calculates the respirations per minute and sends the information directly to your smartphone. The Miku app will alarm to your smartphone to make you aware that baby needs your immediate attention if baby’s respirations are not detected.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Miku Baby Monitor: Letting You Rest Easy

Knowledge is power and this is especially true when making decisions for your baby. So why not have the ability to track and analyze your baby’s sleep trends? Miku records bedtime, wake up time, sleep quality, movements, and the amount of time baby slept overall. The Miku baby monitor sends alerts to your smartphone when baby’s movement is detected, when noise is heard, and when baby falls asleep. This is a unique feature that keeps parents in the know about all of their baby’s adventures during the night.

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Wearable Free:

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Miku Baby Monitor: Letting You Rest Easy

The market for baby monitors is huge. The Miku sets itself apart from competitors by offering technological advancements such as being wearable free. The Miku baby monitor is the first of its kind to offer a wearable free unit. Parents can rest easy knowing they do not have to strap, lay, or set their baby on a monitoring device. The Miku provides the same protection and comfort parents desire, without the hassle or stress of applying hardware to their baby. Making life easier and safer is something parents can appreciate.

Two-Way Talk, Lullaby, And Ole Wolff Speakers:

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Miku Baby Monitor: Letting You Rest Easy

Save yourself some steps. The Miku baby monitor provides two-way talk capabilities, allowing parents to calm their baby from the comfort of their bed or while accomplishing tasks around the house. This feature also allows parents to communicate with each other when they need a helping hand in the nursery.

Miku gives parents access to several lullabies and sounds that can help baby fall and stay asleep. No more worrying about the traffic, neighborhood noises, or daily household commotion keeping baby awake. Unique programming options allow parents to set timers for 5, 15, or 30 minutes. Additionally, there is an option to have lullabies or sounds continuously play to keep baby in a sweet slumber. The Miku baby monitor includes dual Ole Wolff speakers for a clear and smooth sound. 

Night Vision, HD Photo, And Video:

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Miku Baby Monitor: Letting You Rest Easy

The Miku baby monitor displays HD night vision, photos, and videos. Not being in the room with your baby can be difficult, so checking on your baby with a crystal-clear picture during the day or night is of the utmost importance. Parents have the opportunity to snap unlimited photos of their little angel sleeping or playing in the crib. These photos immediately transfer to your smartphone’s photo gallery to be saved and cherished. Videos are saved to the app allowing parents to recall what the baby was doing in the crib. Keeping a watchful eye has never been easier.

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Subscription Free Crypto-Security:

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Miku Baby Monitor: Letting You Rest Easy

In today’s world, it is so important to feel that your technology devices are safe to use from unwanted threats. The Miku baby monitor provides crypto-security that is subscription-free. Laying your baby down at night should not involve the panic and concern about someone hacking your baby monitor. Miku prides itself on safety and the addition of the Crypto Chip allows your baby’s sleep, breathing, photos, and video data to remain safe. The security technology is unique to the Miku baby monitor.

Special Features:

Daily-mom-parent-portal-Miku Baby Monitor: Letting You Rest Easy

The Miku baby monitor has so much to offer. Not only can you utilize and enjoy the monitor at home but also on the go. We all know traveling is already stressful, so being able to bring the comfort of the Miku baby monitor with your family it will give everyone a more restful visit. The Miku baby monitor travels easily by being able to function without Wi-Fi and stays safe in a specially designed travel case. Traveling with baby just got a little bit easier.

Not ready to mount the camera to the wall, have a wall that makes mounting impossible, or want the flexibility of moving the monitor? Miku has a solution for that! The floor stand is sturdy, but easily portable, and can be purchased separately.

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Growing babies need all the safe sleep they can get. Not only providing parents with the newest technology to monitor their baby’s heart rate without a wearable monitor, Miku makes it easy to communicate, soothe, and track your baby day or night. With the safety and security offered by the Miku baby monitor, parents can finally rest easy at night and be ready for the day ahead.

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Daily-mom-parent-portal-Miku Baby Monitor: Letting You Rest Easy

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