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Nursery Ideas for Small Spaces

Decorating a baby nursery is one task most parents look forward to! After all, they are together creating a personal space for their baby, and thus, want it to be the most comfortable, beautiful, and cozy one. When it comes to decorating a nursery, parents, especially mothers, have numerous ideas and notions as to how to go about it. However, if the nursery is small, they might not be able to implement most of them. Besides being warm, safe, and functional, a small baby nursery needs lots of innovative ideas such as the ones suggested below, to look and feel perfect.

Lighter Room Paint Colors
One of the most useful tips for decorating a nursery is to paint it in light colors. Light wall colors give the illusion of a larger space than it actually is. So, if it’s a nursery for a baby girl, you can use colors like pink, peach, and white. If it’s a boy’s nursery, light blue or light green are the ideal choice.

Another idea is to add a number of mirrors to the walls. Mirrors reflect light, and hence, will make the room appear much larger. So, you can perhaps add a few geometric shaped mirrors on the walls to decorate it and at the same time make it look bigger.

Multipurpose Furniture
Instead of buying regular furniture, go in for furniture pieces which can be used simultaneously for a number of purposes. For instance, you can get the baby crib upholstered and use the space below it to store your babies toys, footwear, clothes, and other stuff. Similarly, you can get the rocker chairs upholstered too and store things below it.

Add Length to the Room
Another thing that you can do is to go in for furniture pieces which are lesser in width and more in height. So, when buying a cupboard for the baby nursery, go in for a taller one. You can even consider adding a few cabinets and shelves on the walls of the nursery which go as up towards the ceiling as your hand can reach comfortably. Some can be used to keep stuff such as baby clothing while others can be used to keep certain decorative artwork for the nursery. Some of the higher shelves can even be used to hang small toys, which the baby can look at while lying in the crib and get entertained. Another idea is to get wall mountable storage boxes. In short, utilize as much vertical space as you can!

Patterns and Prints
When choosing the fabrics and furnishing for the baby nursery, whether it is for the bedding, curtains, or rugs, go in for patterns and prints, instead of the plain ones. Coordinated patterns and prints in a small room can make it look bigger.

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  • Light wall color for Nursery
  • Light wall color for Nursery

In the end, no matter how you plan to decorate the nursery, lay special emphasis on baby safety. See to it that the drawers, shelves, mirrors, and other art works, which you think can harm the baby, are placed away from the crib. When it comes to decorating a baby nursery, aesthetics, functionality, and safety go hand in hand!

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