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Our Favorite Cute Spring Clothes for Kids


Do not be afraid to add some pizazz to your tween’s wardrobe. The lightning bolts will add some golden flare to match her striking personality. They are super stretchy and soft. Good luck keeping her from wearing them every day!

Springtime is tank time! Easy to wear, easy to show love with this simply-styled sleeveless tank. Just when you need an easy to slip on and out the door tank for any occasion, you are set to go. We “heart” this tank for tweens!

Then, tress your special girl in comfort, style, and durability with matching leggings. There is nothing worse than getting new clothes that only last a couple of months. Not only are these leggings made with the finest fabrics but she will be clothed in super fun luxury that is perfect for her tween style.

Our Favorite Cute Spring Clothes For Kids

Take your legging sweetness to a whole new level. These leggings are specially made for everyday wear. The cherries will make your little girl’s day feel happy and delicious!

Playful, light, snuggly, and bright, these leggings say it all. Dress up your spry little girl in these colorful leggings that are perfect for the playground. You will be able to spot your little darling wherever she goes!

Our Favorite Cute Spring Clothes For Kids

Finish off any look this spring with a bright star tank that can match most of your tween’s favorite pants with its easy to match design. It is sleeveless and comfortable to wear, she will feel weightless and carefree, just like the stars!

Black Printed Leggings | Hearts Rose Gold Tank | Gold Bolt Leggings | Cherry Black Leggings | Playful Stars Leggings | Big Star Pink Tank
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