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Potty Training Boys in 3 Days

Are you waiting for the time when your boy says goodbye to diapers? Are you eager to see him ditch diapers and propose a friendly hand towards the potty? If you have these far-fetched thoughts looming in your head and are anxious to sprout out like a volcano, then here is help coming your way. With speed age galloping and thrusting with utmost velocity, potty training cannot be left behind. It is very easy and fast. By following the tips given below, you could train your boy in 3 days flat!

The Guide

Potty training is no more a hassle for parents. A majority of parents have doubts about when to start training their little boys for this task. This process could start when they are 2 to 3 years of age. This would be an early session, as you could see your toddler use the toilet seat in a matter of 3 days, and you are sure to say good-bye to diaper changes and dealing with foul smells. Here are the guidelines:

  • It does not make any difference if you are itching to potty train your toddler, and what is most essential is the signs your little one gives you that indicate that he is ready and interested in the training.
  • Watch out if your boy has his diapers dry for two or more hours. Observe if he checks his diapers for wetness and if he finds them wet and damp, he demands an immediate change. Also notice, if he pulls down his pants for a bowel movement.
  • Make sure that you invest a lot of time in this activity. When you are present at home with your toddler, make sure you talk about it and acquaint him to the bathroom environment, so that he is not shocked when you are spending an increasing amount of time in the bathroom with him.
  • Leave the potty chair in an area that he frequents the most, such as play zone. Let him move around without his diapers on. This would help him understand what is going on. If he has to poop, he would feel the need to sit on the potty himself.
  • By the third day you could resort to making the child wear pull-up pants. Just ensure that there are little or no distractions around him.

Some More Tips

  • You could have him walk up to the potty, when he feels the urge for a bowel movement.
  • Announce that a session is about to begin.
  • Leave him alone. Let him pull down his pants all by himself. Don’t interfere.
  • Don’t allow him to pee during a bathing session. Place him on the potty before his bath.
  • If your child poops or pees in his pants, do not scold or get angry at him. Take him to the bathroom and place him on the toilet seat, even if he is done with his job. Take his underpants and throw the poop into the pot and tell him, that is where it belongs.
  • Be very liberal with your praises. Accolades are a must when he adheres to your instructions.
  • However, there are problems that can occur. Potty training regression can occur, if your child unlearns the entire procedure. There is nothing to worry about. Find out why this had to happen? Is there something that is bothering him; his new preschool schedule, his new nanny? Are there any disturbances in the family that are affecting him? Is he scared of the potty or is suffering from constipation? When you are able to find the reason, you may be able to amend the situation.

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