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Sleep Tight This Holiday Season with These 16 Incredible Bedroom Must-Haves


We all love the phrase “sleeping like a baby”, but for those of us who have kids, we know that our babies aren’t always great sleepers. Add to that the excitement of the holiday season and chances are no one in your house has “visions of sugar plums dancing in their head”. Luckily, we understand where you’re coming from and know that simple updates to your bedroom can make a huge difference in your sleep. Whether you are looking to update your room, the big kids’ room, the guest room in time for family this Thanksgiving, or even searching for the perfect warm and cozy gifts for giving this Holiday season, we have got what you need.

We’ve put together a full list for you to help you sleep tight and get a full eight hours in! Whether you’re exhausted from working a full day or you’re up every hour on the dot to nurse your little one, these bedroom must-haves will have you rested before you even slip under the covers this season.

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One of the best things you can do for yourself and your sleep is upgrade your mattress. Nothing quite screams “sleep tight” like cuddling up on a comfortable and cool bed at night. There are several things to look for when shopping for a new mattress, and the GhostBed 3D Matrix has your entire checklist crossed off!

The GhostBed 3D Matrix is a hybrid mattress, meaning it’s a mix of memory foam and coils, the perfect combination! While it’s a hybrid mattress, it doesn’t simply have those two layers. The GhostBed 3D Matrix has seven different layers inside that give you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. The layers of this mattress include a Ghost ice-cooling cover, 3D Matrix Polymer layer, 2″ of gel memory foam, Ghost bounce layer, Ghost 3D Matrix soft transition foam, individually wrapped and reinforced coils, and a high-density support layer. You can sleep tight at night knowing that there are seven layers working hard to ensure you get eight hours!

Falling asleep at night can be rough if you run a little hot. The problem with simple memory foam mattresses is that they can conduct a lot of heat. The GhostBed 3D Matrix‘s cooling cover work to attract excess body heat and push it away from the mattress and your body as you sleep. Can you think of a better way to sleep tight than ensuring you are cool all night long?

The Kingsize GhostBed 3D Matrix will give you plenty of room to spread out, jump around with the kids, and even allow you room to pick up a new hobby! This bed is so soft you won’t want to leave it when you wake up in the morning, so why not sleep tight and spend your entire day in bed. The best part? This mattress comes shipped to your home in a box! Simply open it, spread it out, and voila! A new bed without the hassle of lugging it upstairs.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Ghostbed 22

When you’re upgrading your mattress, don’t forget the necessities like the All-in-One Foundation. This foundation comes in a compact box, and with its simple design, it is extremely easy to set up. No more sleeping with a mattress on a floor or searching around to find the best box spring for your new bed. Ghostbed has you covered with all your sleep needs!

GhostBed 3D Matrix | All-in-One Foundation
Ghostbed | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | Vimeo

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Happsy12

When you’re trying to sleep tight this year, curate a mattress that is not only designed to perform for years to come but genuinely delivers on its promise – a better night’s sleep using only natural materials. For those conscious consumers who not only want to have the best materials in their home, they don’t want a negative impact on the planet either.

By having certified organic materials that are harvested and environmentally friendly, you’re in for a peaceful night’s sleep with this win-win combination with Happsy! It’s time to toss out those old, conventional mattress brands which are typically chemical-laden mattresses that use foams and adhesives – you don’t want to spend nearly 1/3rd of our lives in that negative space.

Happsy’s organic-designed mattresses, though using only organic and natural materials, are wonderfully built to provide the body support you need by contouring to your curves, dispersing your body heat, and giving you a wake-up-refreshed morning, every morning. Believe it or not, Mother Nature and the innovation of Happsy’s engineers have combined the best, most comfortable materials on earth without the use of potentially toxic chemicals. Rest assured….literally that organic cotton gives you a pure and healthier sleep, the organic wool provides breathability, softness, and the temperature regulation you need to sleep tight.

Allow the certified latex to contour to your body, giving you the feeling of floating pressure point relief, and finally, the pocketed springs give space for any excess heat to escape while reducing motion transfer for those wiggle worm bed partners!

Who says you can’t have a firm mattress that is as soft as a cloud? When you want to feel as though you are at a 5-star luxury hotel in your own bedroom, the Happsy Organic Mattress Topper is an added bonus. Yes, the mattress itself is all you need, however, sometimes, being extra, is nice to sleep on too! This is a great option for you side-sleepers out there because you’ll enjoy 2″ of soft and limber latex to cuddle you all night long.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Happsy8

The Happsy Organic Mattress Topper is almost like the mattress itself, it also contains the breathable coil system to wick away excess heat and moisture so you are comfortable and undisturbed by excessive heat ‘spells’ during the night. Everything about Happsy is for your health, by curating the best materials into the best mattress, so you are getting the sleep you need. That’s their first priority – every time you close your eyes.

Happsy Organic Mattress | Happsy Organic Mattress Topper
Happsy | Facebook | Instagram

Sleep Number

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sleep Number

A great night’s sleep begins with an amazing mattress. But what you top that mattress with is just as important in helping you sleep well. Sleep Number not only understands this but they have a collection of incredible sheets, blankets, and pillowcases to help everyone rest well. We have our latest favorites listed below!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sleep Number 4

What’s worse than not sleeping well? Realizing that your fitted sheet has pulled off the bed in the middle of the night. You won’t have to worry about that anymore when you purchase the Lyocell Ultra Sheet Set. The fitted sheet has a SmartFit design that includes elastic bands which will hold the fitted sheet in place while you sleep. The sheets in this set are made with a 300-thread count sateen weave, making them incredibly soft.

Imagine crawling into bed, getting comfy, and then realizing that the tag to your new comforter is rubbing up against your face. When you purchase the Velvet Chevron Coverlet Set, you won’t have that problem. The Velvet Chevron Coverlet Set comes with a Logic™ Label that will show you how to place the blankets and sheets so you’ll never rub up against a tag again. And even if you did rub up against the tag, nothing about the Velvet Chevron Coverlet Set is scratchy! The coverlet is made with a velvety soft fabric and is also reversible.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sleep Number 6

Give your bedroom a little flair with the Faux Fur Blanket! This reversible blanket is smooth on one side and fluffy on the other. It will keep you warm while adding a pop of color and texture to your bed or sofa! Both sides of the Faux Fur Blanket are incredibly soft. Wrap yourself up in its warm embrace on a cold winter morning while you’re drinking coffee or crawl underneath it at night.

Sleep Number knows how drying the air in your house can be. No one likes waking up to dry skin. And for many people, bedhead can be an aggravating sight to see first thing in the morning. That’s why Sleep Number offers the Silk Pillow Case & Sleep Mask Set. The pillowcase is made with 100% Mulberry silk, ensuring that your skin won’t dry out and your hair will be tangle-free the next morning. The mask protects the delicate skin around your eyes. It also blocks out ambient light, promoting melatonin and allowing you to rest easy all night long.

Fall in love and asleep with these Sleep Number selections. Sleep Number wants you to rest easy both at night and with your purchases. Try out your new blankets and sheets and if you don’t like them, you can return or exchange them within 100 days. We know that won’t be an issue because once you feel how soft their fabrics are, you’ll wonder how you ever slept without them.

Lyocell Ultra Sheet Set | Silk Pillow Case & Sleep Mask Set | Velvet Chevron Coverlet Set | Faux Fur Blanket
Sleep Number | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Olive & Linen

Daily Mom Parent Portal Olive Linen1 Dm Export2 5

Keeping it simple and luxurious this holiday is easy with Olive & Linen’s Bliss Turkish Towel Set with Robe. It’s a lovely set for those who loved to be wrapped in simple luxury after a bath. In the set, you’ll be gifting a large, super soft, and lightweight bath towel with eyelash fringe for a modern look. The hand towel in this set is styled just like the bath towel, 100% premium Turkish cotton, smooth flat weave on one side, and plush terry loops on the other.

The matching robe features the same style of stripes, a smooth flatweave, and plush loops for a cushiony texture on your skin while easily absorbing moisture. The set is available in six personalized colors and the robe is unisex for a relaxed, cozy fit for him or her. The Bliss Turkish Towel Set with Robe is a cozy, premium set for a loved one who appreciates matching decor.

No one talks about quality bath or hand towels and it is about time someone does. Olive & Linen has a towel set – perfect as a housewarming, wedding, new baby, or just because gift this Christmas. This luxury Tassel Dots Turkish Terry Towel Bundle set is made with 100% Premium Turkish cotton. Within this quality bundle are four bath towels and four matching hand towels. The bath towels in this bundle are over five feet long and just under three feet wide for a cozy, super soft dry. Each towel and hand towel are meticulously loomed from the finest Turkish cotton and combines beautiful textures in a lightweight, plush, absorbent towel. 

The hand towels in the Tassel Dots Turkish Terry Towel Bundle are 20×30 and made with premium Turkish cotton. They are super absorbent, lightweight, and very soft on your hands – even after frequent uses. Each hand towel has hanging loops to easily hang your hand towel after use. On the ends of the bath towels and the hand towels are hand-knotted tassels for a beautiful, yet simple finishing touch.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Olive And Linen Dm Export2 2

Bath mats do not have to be boring, plain objects cast onto your floor. They can be stylish, absorbent, and soft, just like the Pom Pom Bath Mat. This mat is expertly crafted with intricate details from the finest Turkish cotton to coordinate with your other bath pieces from Olive & Linen.

This mat is super durable and free of any harmful chemicals or dyes. To add a last splash of style, the ends are finished with hand-knotted tassels – just what anyone would love to step on, fresh out of the shower! Ah, a new set of towels and bath sets from Olive & Linen, triple, yes, please!

Dots Turkish Terry Towel Bundle  | Pom Pom Bath Mat | Bliss Turkish Towel Set with Robe
Olive & Linen | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Barefoot Dreams

Daily Mom Parent Portal Barefoot Dreams 7

When it’s time to kick off your boots and say “goodnight” to your favorite jeans and work attire, soft loungewear is what we crave. Cozy clothing is just what we need after long fall days of the daily grind. This year, our loungewear hero is Barefoot Dreams.

When you need a soft top to wear, either around the house or under a cozy sweater, the Malibu Collection® Sleeveless Modal V-neck is an easy choice to make. This silky modal top delicately drapes over your curves and is so smooth against the skin. Own it in three different colors and it will be easy to understand why this is going to be your new favorite top.

Pair your modal top with the CozyChic Ultra Lite® Women’s Lounge Pant for a seriously cozy ensemble. These pants have two pockets that don’t add extra bulk to the material, so no matter how you choose to lounge, your pants won’t bunch or feel uncomfortable. A drawstring and elastic waistband welcome your tired body to relax into these unbelievably soft pants and you’ll feel so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them every day (and you definitely can).

It’s fall, so perhaps a v-neck and soft lounge pants aren’t quite enough to keep you toasty. The CozyChic Lite® Circle Cardi feels like you’re wearing a hug. This feather-light cardigan marries style to comfort, so whether you’re at home or away, you’ll experience the coziness that comes with this amazing piece. This open-front design has an oversized collar that can be pulled in close or folded down, and the length of this sweater is so perfect! Two side pockets are hidden on the side and, like all things Barefoot Dreams, they don’t add any bulk or discomfort to this cardigan.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Barefoot Dreams 2

Fall is the best season to re-stock on your favorites, and we are moving loungewear from Barefoot Dreams to the top of our shopping list this year.

Malibu Collection® Sleeveless Modal V-neck | CozyChic Ultra Lite® Women’s Lounge Pant | CozyChic Lite® Circle Cardi
Barefoot Dreams | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parent Portal 6 Of 10

We have all heard “make sure you sleep when the baby sleeps”! While you may be annoyed at hearing that for the 100th time, it’s important to ensure that your baby gets a good night’s sleep so you can rest as well. When it comes to your little ones’ sleep, the mattress is one of the most important things to factor in. When it comes to crib mattresses, the Organic Breathable 2-Stage Baby Crib Mattress is one of the best!

The Organic Breathable 2-Stage Baby Crib Mattress is designed specifically for babies and toddlers. This breathable organic mattress features a 3D mesh surface, that reduces heat throughout the night and allows your little one to breathe while face down without overheating. No more fears as your little one learn to roll over! Organic Breathable 2-Stage Baby Crib Mattress grows with your baby, from infant to toddlerhood, with a firm size for the early days and a medium-firm side as they grow older.

Daily Mom Parent Portal 2 Of 10

Working on potty training your toddler? Do you have the habit of putting the diaper on sideways and your baby leaking? No worries! The Organic Breathable 2-Stage Baby Crib Mattress has a waterproof mattress core, so even if the cover is in the wash you’re taken care of. You’ll be able to sleep tight throughout the holidays knowing your little one is sleeping throughout the night comfortably with Naturepedic!

Organic Breathable 2-Stage Baby Crib Mattress
Naturepedic | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Muslin Comfort

Daily Mom Parent Portal Muslin Comfort 2 1

When you’re looking for new bedroom items that will help you sleep tight at night, a blanket is one that can make or break your sleep. Let’s face it, how many times have we fussed about our significant other stealing the blanket at night? Or just feeling like your blanket is simply too light. You can kiss your worries goodbye with the Muslin Comfort!

The 365 Blanket is often called the “magic blanket”, and it’s no wonder why. This blanket is made of 100% natural muslin cotton, making it one of the softest blankets you’ll ever feel! Because it is made with this natural muslin cotton, it is hypoallergenic and safe for kids and pets. No more worrying about using a separate blanket than the kids!

The 365 Blanket is oversized, making it fall over the bed even more than your traditional blanket or comforter. The size of this blanket isn’t even the best part. This blanket is extremely breathable and temperature-regulating! Whether you’re looking to keep cool in the summer or cuddle up in the winter, you’ll sleep tight knowing that one blanket will last you through the seasons. If you fall in love with this blanket, but you’re wanting something a little smaller to snuggle on the couch, then make sure to grab The 365 Throw! Made with the same material that will keep you cozy all over the house.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sleep Tight 8251 1

Wanting to ensure the kids sleep tight at night too? Can’t find a crib blanket that will prevent your little one from sweating too much? This Crib Blanket is perfect for your little one! Muslin cotton is known for its moisture-wicking and quick-drying abilities. With its hypoallergenic and natural fiber, your kids can sleep tight without night sweats from the time they are born all the way to their teens! The Crib Blanket can be used as a blanket, crib sheet, or even a towel!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sleep Tight 8284

You can sleep tight at night knowing that Muslin Comfort has you covered, literally, from head to toe!

The 365 Blanket | The 365 Throw | Crib Blanket
Muslin Comfort | Facebook | Instagram

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Nollapelli1

Did you realize that 100% cotton sheets are not necessarily the best for your skin and hair? Cotton naturally attracts moisture, meaning it can ‘soak up’ your natural moisture in your skin and hair, dehydrating it creating an unfavorable situation of sweaty and friction-filled night’s sleep. That’s why Nollapelli is our beauty-sleep go-to for all our bedding needs. No dehydration and friction, causing a tangled mess of your hair and exaggerating fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, is necessary. When you truly want to sleep tight, you’ll want to look to Nollapelli for your bedding needs.

It’s time to take your sleep to the next level with the Signature Sheet Set by Nollapelli. Designed and engineered to give your body exactly what it needs to wake up feeling refreshed and even wake up looking fantastic! Choose from sizes Full through to California King, this innovative fabric was made to support your skin and hair during your sleep. Luxuriously soft with a silky feel, these sheets keep you amazingly cool all night, you’ll feel the difference almost immediately!

Getting a great night’s sleep isn’t self-care, it’s necessary-care, so no matter what size bed you have, you’re going to have the perfect fit because the Signature Sheet Set was made to fit 99% of mattresses; up to 20″ and corner depths of to 16″. This means, there’s no reason why you don’t deserve the best night’s sleep ever. Nollapelli has truly made it possible to literally… get your beauty sleep.

Signature Sheet Set
Nollapelli | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Cozy Earth

Daily Mom Parent Portal Cozy Earth 10

There is a reason why Oprah described this Bamboo Sheet Set the “softest sheets ever”! The average person spends 26 years of their life sleeping, so why not spend it on the softest sheets ever? This Bamboo Sheet Set is made from 100% Viscose from Bamboo fabric and you can rest assured knowing that it is free of harmful chemicals.

Each Set comes with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The all-natural white color is easy to wash and care for as it is stain-resistant. Cozy Earth is so confident that you will find these to be the most comfortable sheets, they will accept returns up to 100 days of purchase.

Plus these sheets are temperature regulating, so even if you or your partner or your child runs hot, these will feel like the perfect temperature. You can sleep tight this holiday season with the softest sheets ever.

While it may sound nice to “sleep tight” on beautiful and comfortable sheets, you’ll need to up your sleep game a little more with a comfortable pair of pajamas. The Women’s Long Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set is something you will want to sleep in each and every night of the year. These pajamas are temperature regulated, making them perfect for cozy nights by the fire or staying cool in the summer. The Women’s Long Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set is made of 95% premium viscose from bamboo, making them breathable and durable.

Not only are the Women’s Long Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set breathable, durable and ultra-soft, but they are extremely flattering for every body type. This classic button-up shirt and long pants will have you walking around the house feeling luxurious in your pajamas.

Daily Mom Parent Portal 10 Of 10

After you’ve had a good night’s sleep, you may find yourself wanting to cuddle up on the couch with a good cup of coffee. For the times when you need to lounge around, the Women’s Ultra-Soft Bamboo Pullover Crew will keep you comfortable! This pullover crew shirt is perfect for throwing on to lounge around or running to pick up the kids from school.

No one will guess that you are wearing loungewear when you show up to pick up the kids in the Women’s Ultra-Soft Bamboo Pullover Crew. This top is cozy-chic, so you can sleep tight while pairing it with your favorite pajama bottoms or wear it with a good pair of jeans. When it comes to finding items that help you sleep tight at night, Cozy Earth has it all!

Bamboo Sheet Set | Women’s Long Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set | Women’s Ultra-Soft Bamboo Pullover Crew
Cozy Earth | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

PeachSkin Sheets

Img 9409

A good night’s sleep is made possible by creating the coziest bed with the softest textiles, and when we are looking for silky smooth sheets, we turn to PeachSkin Sheets. These temperature-controlled sheets keep you and your family at their ideal sleeping temperature no matter what, and the reverse brushed sheets leave these linens with the 1,500 thread count feel that you typically only get to experience in fine resorts.

Img 9442 2

With colors to match any vibe or space, PeachSkin Sheets offer everything you wish your other sheets had. For example, the deep pockets in the fitted sheet mean that your sheets won’t tug off of the corners and leave you with the task of putting them back on. While many people find that they need to immediately remove the wrinkles from new sheets from other brands, the wrinkle-resistant material will smooth itself out, looking fresh from the moment you pull it out of its packaging.

These sheets are moisture-wicking, so you can sleep tight without feeling uncomfortable in your climate, and the hypoallergenic sheets will keep you breathing clearly all night long. It doesn’t get better than that. It’s time to breathe some fresh life into your home and let PeachSkin Sheets offer you, your family, and your guests the best night’s sleep they’ve had in a long time.

Lavender Mist Sheet Set | French Blue Sheet Set
PeachSkin Sheets | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parent Portal Dagsmejan1 Dm Export2 2

When you have breathable, soft, and balanced sleepwear from dagsmejanº, your entire night just became 1000 times better! The ultra-soft ensemble keeps your skin feeling good, meaning, nothing is irritating within the clothing to make you feel uncomfortable, waking you up in the middle of the night. Since the lightweight thermo-regulating materials are 6x more breathable than cotton, you can say goodbye to any night sweats that come your way! Minimum friction and whisks away sweat during the night, dagsmejanº is our go-to for sleepwear.

Discover the world’s most comfortable Sleep Shorts and Sleep Bra and prepare to be pampered, dry, and super comfortable all night long. With the built-in gusset, the Sleep Shorts won’t be riding up uncomfortable into your nether regions during the night. That alone is pretty much worth it, don’t you agree?! Stay cool, keep your body balanced throughout the night, and allow dagsmejanº to be like your second skin every single fit-less night.

Sleep Bra | Sleep Shorts
dagsmejanº | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Joylux Daily Mom Parent Portal 4

Disruptions in sleep due to being hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable can be frustrating, especially for women of a certain age, which is why Joylux began creating life-changing solutions for menopausal women. Pioneers in the women’s health industry, Joylux produced an innovative tool called the calmHER Nite. This sleep accessory will become a regular part of sleep for those who suffer from overheating at night. The calmHER night is a cushioned pad that is placed on the mattress to help keep your body temperature regulated and guarantee a more restful night’s sleep.

The calmHER Nite has a cool relief technology that lasts for up to two hours and does not require refrigeration. It will also cool on its own after use at room temperature. Sitting or laying on this pad will send a cooling rush through your body to eliminate night sweats and hot flashes. This amazing pad can also be used while sitting during the day to help keep you feeling comfortable during work. Other Joylux Cooling Care products include bra inserts and shoulder wraps.

calmHER Nite
Joylux | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Kyte Baby

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sleep Tight 8244

While you may feel like you can sleep tight in your old concert shirt from high school, we all know that it’s starting to get a bit itchy. A new and comfortable pair of pajamas can make a huge difference in how you sleep. The Women’s Short Sleeve Pajama Set from Kyte Baby is about to blow you away with how comfortable it is.

This Women’s Short Sleeve Pajama Set is made of 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex, giving it an extremely breathable feel. No worrying about night sweats! This fabric blend is not only breathable, but it gives a soft, buttery feel as you slip them on and climb into bed. While the short sleeves are perfect for summer, you can sleep tight in these pajamas year-round, and look good doing so!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Sleep Tight 8274

Wondering what to give your little one for them to sleep tight at night? Keeping your little one safe and comfortable as they sleep can be difficult. Luckily, this Sleep Bag is there to help your baby sleep through the night! As opposed to a traditional blanket, this is a blanket they can wear without worrying about it falling off at night. This sleep sack is made from the same buttery bamboo fabric, and even features a super easy J-shape double-zipper for middle of the night diaper changes! Kyte Baby has everything for you and your little one to sleep tight!

Women’s Short Sleeve Pajama Set | Sleep Bag
Kyte Baby | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Honeydew Sleep


Sleep is a necessity and these days finding the perfect pillow can feel like somewhat of a challenge. If you are one of those people who just can’t seem to find the perfect zzzz spot every night, check out Honeydew Sleep‘s Pillows to make your night’s the most restful ones of late. Here to take your sleep to the next level, Honeydew Pillows are designed just for you. Soft, scrumptious, and silky, these lightweight pillows are everything you need, no matter the type of sleeper (side, back, or stomach) you are.

The Classic Scrumptious Pillow is both incredibly soft and luxurious while simultaneously providing support and comfort for your head, neck, and upper body. Honeydew Sleep’s pillows unique fill ensures that not only will your pillow never go flat, but with their integrated seams and fill placement, your pillow’s insides also won’t bunch and harden, leaving you with lumps and spots of too much fill. Ideal for proper neck alignment and support, Honeydew Sleep’s pillows are perfect for everyone, including those who generally suffer from neck, back, and shoulder discomfort during and after sleep. Honeydew Sleep’s pillow’s innovative design, including the exterior ribbon circling the edges, keeps the pillow’s filling even throughout the night. Filled with 100% CertiPUR-US certified Copper Infused Foam, the pillows from Honeydew Sleep provide unparalleled support and comfort, as well as cooling sleep all night long.

Classic Scrumptious Pillow
Honeydew Sleep | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Baloo 3002 1024x1024

A great way to ensure a good night’s sleep is to start incorporating a sleep mask into your nightly routine. Not only does it block out unwanted light but provides a soft surface against those tired eyes. The Calming Sleep Stone Mask is a silky-soft sleep mask that secures around your head with a velcro closure to keep in place throughout the night.

In addition to blocking light, this mask also gently covers your ears to muffle sounds as well! The stone sleep mask has a hidden pocket to hold an included crystal over the third eye chakra for added calming and healing properties. Crystal choices include amethyst, fluorite, agate, and rose quartz. Sleep tight at night knowing that your crystals are there to calm you throughout your sleep.

Calming Sleep Stone Mask
Baloo | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


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The struggle to find the perfect gift is over because Italic does the work of searching out brands and products your home and your loved ones are sure to fall in love with. This season spread warmth and gentle care to the homes of your friends and family.

We suggest starting with the Shearling Moccasin. Your feet have never been so snuggled. Harsh winter months can wreak havoc on sore feet and the cold floors send their cold straight up to the soles of our slippers. These Shearling Moccasin are designed to keep your feet supported, warm, and comfortable all day long. The upper is comprised of suede, and the inner lining and insoles spoil you with 12 mm of genuine sheepskin shearling. Shearling is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so these slippers can be worn year-round.

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Is there anything better than a fluffy towel after a hot shower on a cold day? The Serene Cotton Towels are constructed with impossibly fluffy 100% Australian cotton but are so lightweight, your bathroom will feel like a spa experience. This towel set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. This set gives you everything you need to experience the bliss you deserve at the end of a long year, so why not give that same experience to someone under the tree this year? Of course, if you want to keep them for yourself, we don’t blame you.

Serene Cotton Towels | Shearling Moccasin
Italic | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Don’t worry, you can sleep tight at night knowing that your entire bedroom and even your nighttime routine are there to ensure that your sleep is deep and restful no matter what this year’s holidays may hold. Making a few updates to your bedroom and bathroom occasionally can make a huge difference in your day and night, and there are no better products than these to have your back! Update your space, or gift some cozy comfort this season, either way, everyone will sleep tight with these must-have additions to your evening sleep routine.

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