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Spring 2019 Trends for Men & Women


Spring 2019 trends in fashion this year include sleek lines, bright colors, and bold footwear. Men and women are searching for clothing and shoes that are comfortable, versatile, and can be worn with a wide array of outfit choices. These spring 2019 trends for men and women will keep you looking put together and ready for whatever this season brings your way.

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Spring 2019 Trends

Known as an award-winning songwriter, Franne Golde has put down the sheet music (for the time being) to launch her new line of comfortable and fashionable styles.

The “Magic Pant” coined by Oprah’s own fashion guru Adam Glassman is a structured yet comfortable pant that looks amazing on all body types. Free from seams and with a soft elastic waistband you won’t want to take these pants off at the end of the day. Available in four colors we are loving the Classic Magic Pant in Navy for spring. This touch of color is the perfect compliment to warmer weather.

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Following the perfection of the Magic pants, Franne went on to release a full line of easy to wear blouses and sweaters. These closet staples will jazz up your fashion choices for both springtime and beyond. The Diana Scoopneck in ivory is perfect for spring. A 3/4 sleeve ensures that if the weather turns chilly you are safe and a hi-low back keeps your finest assets both comfortable and covered.

daily mom parent portal spring 2019 trends

A new cardigan is a must have for spring weather and we are loving the Selena Wrap. Asymmetrical and long this buttery soft sweater is everything you’ve ever wanted. The Selena goes with any outfit and easily takes a fun summer look to a professional style appropriate for the office in moments.

Classic Magic Pant in Navy | Selena Wrap | Diana Scoopneck

Franne Golde | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

When spring is on the horizon it’s the perfect opportunity for refreshing your look with a new pair of fashion forward shoes. When those shoes come from Naturalizer fashion doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable. Naturalizer has been specializing in women’s footwear for nearly a century and their expertise shows in the quality, attention to detail and overall comfort.

Spring 2019 trends of leggings and dresses need the perfect spring booties to pull the entire look together. For pairing with sundresses we are loving the Cassandra. Designed with a low heel and strappy wraparound buckles you’ll love showing off a bit of leg with this look. The best part about the Cassandra? These boots are made for walking! With a comfortable and supportive sole you can look fashionable without sacrificing comfort for beauty.

daily mom parent portal spring 2019 trends

When you want to upgrade your daily driver the Emiline is the perfect addition to your closet. Available in dozens of colors and patterns you’ll fall in love with this soft loafer and never want to wear anything else again.

daily mom parent portal spring 2019 trends

When the not quite yet summer weather calls for jeans the Aster is the ideal compliment. With a rounded toe and elastic at the ankle the Astor will take you wherever you need to go!

Aster Boot | Emiline Loafer| Cassandra Bootie

Naturalizer | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Good shoes never go out of style. This Spring as the weather warms pick up a pair of boots or slippers perfect for those days of springtime adventure or lounging around the house with the spring breezes blowing through windows.

For women we love the Virginia fringe boots. These trendy suede boots are lightweight, easy to wear, and cute as can be. Pair with jeans or even a skirt for a night out on the town.

For men we love the Romeo Moccasin. Whether he’s relaxing in the house and likes to keep his toes warm or chasing the little one’s around the yard, these rubber-soled shoes are lined with premium Australian sheepskin and perfect for the Springtime weather.

Virginia Fringe Boots | Men’s Romeo with Rubber Sole

LAMO Footwear | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter

Put away the fleece and all the sheepskin lined boots, the polar vortex is past us and it’s time for the temperatures to rise and sun to shine. Spring is upon us which means we not only need to stop and smell the roses, but clean out those musty closets and pick up a few new lighter, brighter wardrobe essentials. Here to help make that task so much simpler is Saint Haven. There is nothing basic about their “basics” – tees, tanks, joggers, leggings, pants, and loungewear perfect for the warmer days ahead.

daily mom parent portal spring 2019 trends

Designed of the softest modal cotton, we love Saint Haven’s solid color mix and match pieces that are so easy to throw on and go (or not). Their “snuggle-quality” loungewear for men, women and children is seamless, soft to the touch, and lightweight enough for the warm weather. Pieces we love include the Women’s Perfect Fit Tee, the Women’s Trapeze Tank, the Women’s Relaxed Pant, and the Women’s Second Skin Legging.

Women’s Perfect Fit Tee | Women’s Trapeze Tank | Women’s Relaxed Pant | Women’s Second Skin Legging

Saint Haven | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter

For most of the country, it may feel a bit premature to be thinking about flip flops, but let’s not forget that Spring Break and summer are just around the corner. Therefore, it’s time to start thinking about sandal weather.

We particularly love Hari Mari! They are the most comfortable flip flops we have ever worn – so much so, that we had to have two pairs. The NEW Beachside (to be released any day now) is built with water-friendly materials, Hari Mari’s unique Grip Tite rubber outsoles to improve traction on wet surfaces, and cushioned insoles with added piping for moisture control. And they float, so you’ll never lose them while hitting the high seas!

And for all day wear, we love the Lakes. Not only are they made of full grain leather, but they have a nice padded sole and great arch support as each pair is built with patented memory foam-lined toe pieces, supportive foam arches and soft-squeeze rubber mid-soles to keep feet in constant comfort. With no break-in period, you won’t want to take these off.

Beachside (coming soon) | Lakes

Hari Mari | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter |Pinterest

Spring temperatures can be so hit or miss. As much as we’d all love to throw out our long sleeve shirts and jackets, it’s probably wise to keep them close at hand a little while longer for those cool mornings and evenings. Even better, now is a great time to buy a few light-colored long-sleeve pieces to get you through the end of winter.

Ashley S Html

We particularly love Z Supply’s Knit Denim Jacket and the Rugby Stripe Weekender. The denim jacket is perfect to go over all your favorite spring outfits while staying warm, and the weekender is just a must have for any time of year.

Knit Denim Jacket | Rugby Stripe Weekender

Z Supply |Facebook|Instagram|Twitter

If you’re tired of winter you’ve been looking forward to warmer spring weather for weeks. For men who have to dress professionally at the office, warm weather might not be as welcome of a visitor. Luckily Lawrence Hunt Fashion is a new solution for men who need to look sharp, but want the comfort of athletic wear.

Designed with performance fabric technology, Lawrence Hunt is the only patent-pending dress shirt that combines both performance and traditional fabrics. If your guy is easily overheated and hates the dreaded sweat marks that come with traditional dress shirts they are going to love the moisture wicking and breathable fabric found in Lawrence Hunt’s line.

With a wide selection of both patterns and classic solid colored shirts you are bound to find the perfect solution for your spring time apparel. A classic white button down is a must have for any closet and spring is a great time of year to refresh this stand-by look. Pair with a tie or blazer or even wear alone for a spring trend that will always be in style.

daily mom parent portal spring 2019 trends

With spring comes Easter and all the pastels you love. The “Adams” no sweat pink and blue plaid will be a hit for family easter photos or enjoying a night on the town under the warm spring breeze. The baby blue and pink shades are the perfect touch of color that compliments his masculinity.

White No Sweat | The Adams No Sweat

Lawrence Hunt | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Jeans are such a staple for any seasonal wardrobe and spring 2019 trend, and while we love wearing our skinny jeans most of the year, as it gets warmer, it’s nice to wear a pair of jeans with a little more of a relaxed fit. That’s why we love Mott & Bow’s Slim Boyfriend jeans.

Based on our own experience, these do run a little big (so feel free to go down at least 1 or 2 sizes), but they look great dressed up or dressed down. We especially love them cuffed!

Slim Boyfriend

Mott & Bow|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter

Monochome is on trend when it comes to footwear, but going barefoot is a gift to your feet! This Spring, you can wear your sustainability statement with the Primus Lite, putting your feet in control of every road run, walk and workout. Using PET plastic bottles recycled into durable performance materials, we love VivoBarefoot’s new lightweight and breathable vegan movement shoe in this “apple blossom” color.

If you’ve never “gone barefoot,” try it. Wearing barefoot shoes allow you to experience a more natural gait. Traditionally supportive or cushioned shoes force you to walk on the heel of the foot, altering posture and changed the muscles naturally used to walk. Vivobarefoot shoes eliminates the unnecessary cushion and provides sensory feedback that improves balance, posture and muscle memory.

Prius Lite


Nothing completes an outfit better then a belt. Belts add a touch of color, a slice of fashion and in many cases help your clothing fit and look better. With dozens of colors and styles to choose from, Mission Belt can help you update your wardrobe for the new season.

Constructed without holes, Mission Belt is the perfect fit every time and when your swimsuit season workout pays off you can easily size down without worry. Interchangeable buckles allow you to customize your fashion, changing out colors and fabrics with just a click.

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For women the 30 mm collection is perfect for any outfit. Five different buckle styles and a wide variety of colors in both canvas and leather ensure that you can always find the perfect match for what you are wearing. Mission Belts can be cut down to provide customized sizing, ensuring the perfect fit.

daily mom parent portal spring 2019 trends

Mission Belt started with Men’s options so there are hundreds of combinations to choose from for the guys. For spring we love the 40 mm Nylon Belts. Bright colors can add a spring flair to his style and leather backing ensures that each belt can handle whatever work he puts it through.

30mm Belts | Nylon Belts

Mission Belt | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

There’s nothing better than throwing on a dress that is both simple yet stylish. The Laguna T-Shirt Dress is the ultimate t-shirt dress for the Spring season. Unlike most t-shirt dresses, this one has a cute sleeve cuff and pockets. The Dahlia pink is the perfect pop of a bright, spring color that can be worn day or night. The soft fabric of the Laguna T-Shirt Dress will leave you feeling comfortable whether you are heading to the pool or enjoying an evening dinner.

Laguna T-Shirt Dress

Koy Resort | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

These Spring 2019 trends for men and women will add that extra spark to your closet that you need after a long winter. All of these spring 2019 trends can be paired with different pieces of your wardrobe to compliment any outfit you choose this spring season.


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daily mom parent portal spring 2019 trends
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