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The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children


  • “I just can’t get him to latch.”
  • “She isn’t sleeping through the night.”
  • “He is wetting the bed and we have tried everything. Nothing is working.”

Parents hear these words frequently, and, more often than not they speak them, too. What if there was a way to help our families achieve better overall health without drugs, expensive trips to the pediatrician, or late nights playing Dr. Google? There just may be an answer for the whole family: Chiropractic Care.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Some people think chiropractic care during childhood is only for sick kids, but many parents depend on chiropractors for preventative care. Healthcare is seen mostly as responsive to symptoms (You get a cough, you go to the doctor! Have an ear ache? Doctor! Bed-wetting? Pediatrician!), but being proactive about your family’s health can ensure that they begin their lives as healthy as possible! Chiropractic care has been around for a century and a half, but only recently has it become a mainstream path to wellness for families and children. Chiropractic care is safe, effective, and natural-what more could a modern parent want for their family?

How can a parent determine whether or not their child is experiencing misalignment? Well, it can present differently in each person – anywhere from headaches to indigestion, earaches to bed-wetting. These are signals from our bodies that something just isn’t right, and it is time to get checked out. When bones are misaligned and inflammation comes into play, the nerves are under pressure. This pressure causes interference with the body’s natural processes. “It’s like poor cell reception from your brain to your body”, says Dr. Taylor Hoeffert, a chiropractor in central Florida. “We get our teeth and eyes checked regularly. Why not add our nervous/musculo-skeletal system to the list?”

Does Chiropractic Care Really Work?

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Dr. Hoeffert shares a testimony from one of her patients: “One of my children experienced bed-wetting when they were 5 years old. We ran out of options and felt stuck. One of our relatives suggested chiropractic care.” Chiropractic care brings to mind middle-aged, stressed-out businessmen going in to have their necks cracked, so when asked if she was nervous to bring in her young child, she responded “Not at all! The moment we walked into the office, Dr. Hoeffert made it a fun experience. She was able to explain to our child that ‘alignment’ just meant that there was air trapped between some bones, and the ‘popping’ sound was just that air being released, and to think of it as a bone fart.” Not only did her child wake up the next morning in a dry bed, but the child felt empowered and safe in this environment of holistic wellness.

As in any profession, bedside manner differs from practitioner to practitioner, but if parents find a chiropractor that can bring the scary “popping” sounds down to a “bone fart” level, while making the appointment fun and child-friendly, you may have found your chiro-match.

How Does Chiropractic Care Work?

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Through the chiropractic adjustment (safe, gentle correction of the misalignment), the human body is able to function the way it was meant to. The human body is an incredible machine and is capable of doing amazing things if we allow it. Many women visit the chiropractor during pregnancy, which is one of the most amazing things the human body can do. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable and, at times, excruciating. A local Mom says “I ran out of options, because there is only so much Tylenol a pregnant woman can take. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t comfortably stand, sit, walk, or work, and we were coming up on the holidays. I tried chiropractic care and finally felt relief for the first time in months. It turns out that some of my ribs had moved out of joint, but for the rest of my pregnancy, I was able to control that pain through weekly visits to the chiropractor, and I didn’t have to put drugs into my system.”

Pregnancy isn’t just rough for the mothers, but can put pressure on baby, too. Babies are born after being cramped for months, and can experience trouble latching, sleeping, and colic. If you are experiencing this with your child, a chiropractic check may help you. These checks, either as needed or every few months, can help to make sure the spine is in proper alignment and grow healthy habits. It is far better to grow healthy kids than to repair damaged adults!

Chiropractic Care and the Germs of the Winter Season

Peer-reviewed research shows the body’s immune system is boosted anywhere between 50 – 200% for 48 hours post adjustment. Our t-fighter cells are working their best and doing everything they need to (and were designed to) to keep sickness at bay. The nervous system controls the immune system, so getting chiropractic adjustments and keeping your “command center” functioning at top speed, is an essential part of staying healthy and battling anything that is “going around school/daycare/the office”.

Here are a few other holistic steps, that when combined with Chiropractic care, will have everyone in the family ready to get through this upcoming busy season:

  • Avoid excess sugar
  • Get enough rest
  • Eat garlic (or supplement) regularly. It has powerful, natural antibiotic properties. (If the kids won’t eat garlic, aim for blueberries and foods packed with antioxidants.)
  • Exercise – get enough fresh air and sunlight (Vitamin D)
  • Wash your hands – be vigilant!

How do I Find a Good Chiropractor?

Some insurance companies cover chiropractic care, so call your insurance company for some guidance at the beginning. Many offices are adopting the “cash pay” system, and can be refreshingly affordable for you and your family.

As in any medical profession, there will be good fits, and not-so-great fits. Word of mouth is also a great way to go when shopping for your children/family’s chiropractor. In this Mama’s experience, I’d suggest getting an alignment a few times before you bring your children in, so that you can explain to them what to expect, but also to see for yourself the long-term benefits of this holistic practice.

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Photo Credit:  Rachel Powell

Source: Dr. Taylor Hoeffert Chiropractor

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