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The Best Tool Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day


Father’s Day is almost here and your handy-man might be itching for some cool new tools to add to his belt. These 8 tool gifts for dad are some of the coolest, most technologically advanced tools we have ever seen, and we know the dad in your life will love them, too. Make his DIY projects easier by giving him one of these useful tool gifts for Father’s Day this year.

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Father’s Day 2019: Tool Gifts For Dad

A father’s biggest concern is keeping his family safe. Traditional locks on a home just aren’t enough anymore- trespassers and perpetrators can easily jimmy a traditional lock open, even deadbolts, making it more critical that families are able to keep themselves safe. With the Lockly Secure Pro, dads can now be confident that no one is getting through the front door.

The Lockly Secure Pro is a wifi enabled touch pad lock that allows you to add a 6 to 8 digit pin or a 3D fingerprint option in order to open your front door. Without the pin or the physical fingerprint, no one will be able to enter your front door without your knowledge. You can also lock or unlock the door using your smartphone, or your Alexa or Google Home device.

Father’s Day 2019: Tool Gifts For Dad

Does dad manage a rental property or have guests at the house? You can set a temporary pin for guests that expires at a given time so they don’t have constant access to your home. The app allows you to do this easily, and you can also see who has entered your home at what times using the log. Two physical backup keys are given in case you need them as well.

All dads want to do is ensure their families are safe. With Lockly Secure Pro they can do just that.

Lockly Secure Pro

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Father's Day Tool Gifts Daily Mom Parent Portal

If the Dad in your life loves to work with his hands, give him a gift that helps keep all his tools and gear organized for the next project. It’s easy for garages and workshops to quickly get out of control and finding the right sized screw driver to change out the batteries on a toy can become a day-long hunt.

When his tools are organized and easy to see he can quickly locate exactly the tool he needs for the project at hand. Garage organization is easy with all of the pegboard solutions from Wall Control.

Start off his organizational gift with a set of metal pegboard tool board panels. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors you can easily select the set that best suits his need and style. For a classic look, the Galvanized Metal Steel is perfect in any household. The boards install securely on the wall in minutes, ensuring that all his treasures are safely stored without danger of falling off the wall.

Once everything is hung, select from a wide variety of hooks and accessories that fit perfectly in his new Wall Control Pegboard. The standard accessory kit sets him up with everything he needs to organize the most common items in his collection. Shelving and bins create homes for all the odds and ends in the garage.

To really level up the storage experience we love the screwdriver holder, aerosol spray can holder, and paper towel holder. Designed to fulfill specific storage needs, Dad will have everything he needs quickly at hand while keeping it up out of reach from little fingers.

Galvanized Steel Metal Pegboard | Pegboard Accessory Kit | Pegboard Spray Can Holder | Pegboard Paper Towel Holder | Pegboard Curved Hook Pack | Pegboard U Hook | Pegboard Strip

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If your home is more than a few years old, chances are your sprinkler system is equally as old. Sprinkler controllers have come a long way in the last few years and now it’s easy to upgrade your entire system without digging up your whole yard! Rachio’s smart sprinkler controllers install in less than 30 minutes and will make Dad’s landscaping chores a whole heap easier.

Installation is streamlined, using easy-press connectors to simply rewire the entire system using your existing sprinkler system wires. A magnetic cover locks the entire device into place and on-call customer support is available if any questions come up along the way.

Father's Day Tool Gifts Daily Mom Parent Portal

Once installed, Dad can personalize the app with the specific layout of your yard, noting which zones cover various areas of the yard. Tailor modes to water specific amounts based on plant type, sun exposure, slope and more! While the vegetable garden needs more water on a hot day, flower beds may not. Local weather monitoring determines how much water your yard actually needs and ensures that you’re never caught watering the grass in the middle of an afternoon rainstorm. Taking a sustainable approach to your landscaping is both good for the environment and Dad’s wallet.

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The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller covers up to 16 zones and operates through Duel Band-Wifi to keep the yard looking it’s best all summer long. Fully compatible with all Dad’s favorite home automation systems he can easily connect through Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant or even IFTTT to make his smart home extend to a smart ‘yard’.

Rachio 3 – 16 zone

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Summer is the time of year when Dad spends more time outside, carefully manicuring his yard and creating an oasis for family gatherings and backyard barbecues. Whether he is combating leaves from last fall or thoughtfully shooing grass clippings to the curb every Dad needs a good leaf blower. When he needs the best leaf blower you give him a Black & Decker.

This Father’s Day we are loving the Black + Decker 40 Volt Cordless Sweeper and Vac. Without a cord he has the freedom to go all the way to the very back of the yard and the 40-Volt Lithium battery is packed with power. Lightweight at just 6.9 lbs and featuring an air speed up to 120 mph, the sweeper and vac makes it easy for Dad to blow away even the most troublesome debris.

Tool Gifts for Father's Day Daily Mom Parent Portal

Once all your garden matter is consolidated in a central location switch from sweeper to vac by swapping out the hose and adding the vacuum bag. Leaves are quickly turned to mulch creating a fully sustainable resource for your garden.

All Dad’s favorite yard tools are a part of Black + Decker’s 40V Max family, ensuring that every tool he needs for up keep on the lawn operates on the same power system. From lawn mowers to chainsaws, you can create an entire ecosystem of tools that run off the same battery pack.

Cordless Sweeper and Vac

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Lauren + Elena Father’s Day

Dad loves completing his own projects but something he doesn’t love? Measuring and re-measuring. When trying to design a DIY project, there is quite a bit of math involved especially when trying to measure projects that hang on the wall or are going to take up a significant amount of space in your home. With the Cubit, dad can now design and measure with ease.

Father's Day Tool Gifts Daily Mom Parent Portal

The Cubit takes virtual reality into the DIY space. Using the Cubit and the accompanying app, dad can design his project just the way his mind’s eye sees it. Then Cubit will help make that design a reality, giving him step by step instructions with exact measurements to plot as he goes. The lasers measure height and width at the same time, providing increased accuracy, and the step-by-step directions along with the laser measuring tool make sure he puts the nails exactly where they need to be. No more hanging and re-hanging, drilling and filling holes – dad will be able to get those pictures hung, the curtains straight, and the new shelves put up in no time.


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We don’t know many dads who don’t love a good tool, especially if that tool has multiple functions. The ALLTUL by KeySmart has a toolbox for your keychain.

Perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, camping, photography, boating, construction or anyone who considers themselves an adventurer, repairman, mechanic or handyman (did we cover them all?); or even people who don’t consider themselves handy at all. The ALLTUL will let him fix “all the things” with these awesome little gadgets.

The ALLTUL comes in 6 designs with up to 7 useful tools per design including a bottle opener, Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, wrench, carabiner, wire-cutter, and bike-spoke tightener. Designs take inspiration from animals including a bear, raptor, dinosaur, owl, shark, wolf, or owl. With price points starting at $6.99, this ALLTUL is an easy and inexpensive gift for Dad (or anyone else in your life).


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Father’s Day Gift Guides 2019

Dads who enjoy working in the great outdoors deserve a treat for Father’s Day, too! Roamwild’s new Multi Pull Saw PRO is a great way to make Dad’s work easier, while giving him a tool that he can use in more ways than one. This versatile tool has excellent balance, so the pull is smooth and cuts evenly. The high quality steel teeth can glide easily through any surface, leaving a smooth cut, with no extra sanding required!

The hilt of the saw includes a tack hammer and puller built in, so even if Dad comes across a nail or tack that needs to come out, he will not have to go back inside for an extra tool, or reach for something else from his tool belt.

Father’s Day Gift Guides 2019

Any Dad who loves to work outside needs the Roamwild Multi Pull saw, not only to make his work go more smoothly, but to enjoy a high-quality, multi-use tool for any outside chores.

Roamwild Multi Pull Saw

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If your dad loves working on his DIY projects and seeing what he can accomplish now those projects will be even easier and more fun to do with these 8 tool gifts this Father’s Day. Answer his inner Tim the Tool Man Taylor voice with some of these gifts that are sure to make him smile.

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The Best Tool Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day

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