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The Fastest Way to Induce Labor at Home Naturally


Any pregnant mom or mom to be is always anxiously awaiting the birth of their child as they are nearing their due date, or even past it. They may be trying to find the fastest way to induce labor at home naturally, but this is only recommended and best to try once the 40 week mark has arrived. Even so trying to naturally induce labor at home may or may not work, but it surely doesn’t hurt to try. However, some of these methods may cause unwanted side effects. It is also best to inform the doctor before doing anything so that they are in the loop.

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The Fastest Way To Induce Labor At Home Naturally

Exercising can help bring on labor, even if it is just walking around the neighborhood. Anything that gets one’s heart rate up may be of benefit. Some even mention walking on the beach as the sand is uneven causing the pelvis to shift in ways that can to help start labor. And if exercise doesn’t work, it does help in relieving stress so that the body is strong for the birthing task to come.

Sex releases oxytocin which can help jump start those uterine contractions. Semen can also help soften the cervix and the dilation process. Sex is often safe until full term considering one doesn’t have any high risks. This may not help all the time, but if one is already contracting, sex can help speed up the process. Those whose water has already broken should not engage in sex however.

3Nipple Stimulation

Stimulating the nipples can cause uterine contractions which may in turn bring on labor. When stimulated, oxytocin is released which causes those contractions and milk to be ejected. This can be done either manually or with a pump. Plus, this is an easy one when looking for the fastest way to induce labor at home.


The Fastest Way To Induce Labor At Home Naturally

Find out from a trained professional which specific pressure points which can start the labor process. This may or may not work, but even if not, it is a great way to relieve aches and pains from pregnancy as well as from labor.

5Castor Oil

Many go straight for castor oil, though it can come with some unwanted side effects like an upset stomach and diarrhea. These side effects could be the only outcome of using it instead of bringing on labor. That is because castor oil is a laxative which can cause uterine contractions. It can also be used in salad or other recipes like eggplant parmesan which could potentially help start labor.

6Spicy Foods

Like castor oil, spicy foods cause uterine irritation and contractions. Spicy foods is an old wives tale though so there is no guarantee they will induce labor. But, it is best if spicy foods are already part of one’s normal diet as it can cause unwanted heartburn and indigestion in pregnant women. So for those who love spicy foods, make a favorite dish to see if this works for one of the fastest ways to induce labor at home.


The Fastest Way To Induce Labor At Home Naturally

Fresh pineapple and in particular, the core of the pineapple can help speed up the labor process. Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain which breaks down proteins in tissue. As the theory goes, somehow bromelain makes its way to the cervix and causes the breakdown of tissue there which will cause softening of the cervix and can stimulate the start of labor.

Getting a massage can increase the body’s release of oxytocin which is the hormone that brings on labor and contractions. Even just cuddling and relaxing releases this hormone. This is probably why most women’s labor starts at night.

9Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

The Fastest Way To Induce Labor At Home Naturally

Oftentimes, midwives recommend drinking red raspberry leaf tea as one’s due date nears. This tea helps the uterus contract which in turn, can help start the labor process. Even if it doesn’t work, it helps one stay hydrated. Plus, it is easy to make when considering the fastest way to induce labor at home.

10Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is best as the gel capsules. This way, one can insert a capsule in to their vagina close to the cervix. The oil helps soften the cervix and helps the dilation process. It can also be opened and the oil rubbed on the stomach area where the uterus is located.

Fastest Way to Induce Labor at Home

Of all these different methods, some may work and some may not depending on the individual. Everyone’s body is different and not only does the body have its own way of doing things in due time, babies all come when they are ready. However, if you and your doctor have discussed going into labor naturally at or past your due date, some of these fastest ways to induce labor at home may be worth a try.


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