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The Sealy Mattress Hybrid – Your Smart Sleep Solution


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If you are in the market for a new mattress this season, the all-new Sealy Mattress Hybrid might be just what you need for your best night’s sleep! Sleep can be elusive no matter one’s age and as we get older restless nights seem to become the norm more often than the exception. From back pain to a snoring partner, pregnancy woes to menopause, kids snuggling into our beds to sleep apnea, after the age of thirty for most of us sleep is never the same. In order to combat all of those restless nights, one of the most important things we can do as adults is ensure we have a high-quality, ergonomic, sleep solution designed to give us the best night’s rest.

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While in our 20’s we may have been able to sleep anywhere, from couch surfing in college to the nursery floor with our first born, as we get older our sleep surface, most specifically our mattress becomes arguably the single most important piece of furniture in our homes. As such, we need to understand and accept that investing in the right mattress is not only the base for a good night’s sleep but also an integral component of our overall health and wellness.

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As the warmer weather rolls around and so many of us are packing up the wool blankets and flannel sheets, it may be just the time to reconsider that old mattress you’ve had since you got married. Ask yourself:

  • Are you and your partner still sleeping soundly, comfortably, and cool?
  • Are you waking with neck, back, or shoulder pain?
  • Do you spend time in the wee hours considering smothering your partner for their snores?  
  • Is your partner’s snoring making them toss and turn all night?
  • Do you both sink into the middle of the mattress?
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If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, investing in a new mattress might not be a luxury spend but rather a necessity. Don’t wait until your neck, back and hip pain keeps you up or sends you to the chiropractor…trust us, a quality mattress is a much better deal than endless doctor bills and never ending discomfort, or marital discord. Whether shopping with your partner or on your own, make sure to check out the Sealy Mattress Hybrid for your next bedroom update.

Why You Should Trust Sealy for Your Hybrid Mattress

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A leader in the industry, Sealy has been a household name in the mattress game for years. Built in America for the last 130 years, Sealy is known for bringing safe, comfortable, expertly designed mattresses to your home; with your family’s health, wellness, and sleep support at the forefront, Sealy’s mattress technology is innovative and expertly crafted just for you. Rigorously tested for quality, comfort, and support, Sealy delivers deep targeted support right no matter the mattress. From your infant’s crib mattress to your parent’s adjustable bed mattress, Sealy continues to be a brand that puts you and your family first, providing sleep support where you need it most at all ages and stages of life.

Why A Sealy Mattress Hybrid Is The Mattress For You

Offering options for every household need and budget, the Sealy Mattress Hybrid line offers both plush and firm mattresses with the Response Pro™ Zoned Encased Coil System or Response Pro™ Zoned HD Encased Coil System. With various layers and thickness options, all of the foam used in the Sealy Mattress Hybrid has been certified by the CertiPUR-US® program, ensuring it is healthy and safe for you and your family night after night. Specially designed to work with adjustable base beds, these Sealy Hybrid Mattresses can be used on a variety of platform bases or adjustable bed frames.

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With the responsive support of innerspring, combined with Sealy’s exclusive memory foam technology, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to soft, supportive, healthy sleep. Additionally, Sealy’s memory foam technology is state of the art ensuring you don’t sink into your mattress or get too hot. Designed with a profile height of 13 to 13.5 inches, Sealy’s Mattresses offer firm edges and sumptuous centers for patented targeted support.

The Sealy Mattress Hybrid Line includes their Essential, Performance, or Premium Mattresses.

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Sealy Mattress Hybrid Essentials

This mattress offers innerspring support with the Response Pro™ Zoned HD Encased Coil System and body-conforming memory foam that is light to the touch but offers deep and stable support. Its Sealy® ComfortSense™ Gel Memory Foam conforms to your body giving you a truly personalized sleep experience. The Response Pro™ Zoned HD Encased Coil System ensures the best support for your body, even when bed-sharing, as each coil moves independently for optimal, targeted support and reduced motion transfer and the DuraFlex™ Coil Edge System provides sturdy edge support and durability. Finally, the MoistureProtect™ casing is designed to draw moisture and heat away from your body as you sleep, giving you a cool and comfortable night of rest.

Sealy Mattress Hybrid Performance

Offering all the benefits of the Sealy Mattress Hybrid Essentials, the Sealy Mattress Hybrid Performance also provides additional targeted support with nearly 20% more coils in the center zone where you need it most. Further, the Sealy® ComfortSense™ Gel Memory Foam features surface cooling technology to ensure you and your partner sleep cool and comfortable without suffering from night sweats or even suffering from each other’s heat transfer.

Sealy Mattress Hybrid Premium

The most advanced in the Sealy Mattress Hybrid line, the Premium mattress offers everything the Essential and Performance mattresses do, while also combining exclusive Posturepedic Technology­™. Available in firm, plush, and ultra-plush, the Sealy Mattress Hybrid Premium Mattress features a dual-stage design to ensure you get the right support where and when you need it most. Additionally, the cool touch, allergen protectant out casing keeps your mattress fresh and free from common allergens, bacteria, and dust mites. The slower-response memory foam sports an open-cell structure which provides a more breathable, comfortable sleep surface without the sinking feeling of so many memory foam mattresses. The DuoChill surface cooling technology is also moisture-wicking and comfortable for more than one sleeper.

And of course, as with the Essentials and Performace line, the Sealy Mattress Hybrid Premium has a border surrounded by high-density, flexible coils for better edge support and a larger sleeping surface. Specially designed to work with adjustable base beds, this mattress is ideal for those who desire a single sleep surface but require an adjustable base for themselves or their partner.

Sealy Mattress Hybrid Performance
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Take what we have learned from the last year in quarantine and apply it to your life moving forward – our health and wellness is the single most important thing in our lives. As parents and grandparents, single or married, as adults we so often put ourselves last; we also have a tendency to talk about everything we will do tomorrow. If having our lives and livelihoods shut down and put on hold with all manner of uncertainty just a year ago, one thing we have learned is that we have got to make self-care, and our physical, mental, and emotional health a priority. There is no better place to start than in your bedroom.

The average adult sleeps anywhere from 7-9 hours a night, every single night. That is quite a bit of time we spend in our beds, as we should. Make your sleep space your sanctuary. Make it a place where you go to rest, relax, rejuvenate, and in fact reap those benefits. Forget the nights of tossing and turning, night sweats, or listening to your partner snore, invest in your time, invest in your health, invest in your sleep with a Sealy Mattress Hybrid for your best night’s sleep.

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