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The Signs of Sleep Deprivation and How to Avoid It


Even the smallest sounds can cause a sleeping individual to wake up. Aside from outside noises such as wind or storms, traffic, or animals, snoring is one of the most common noises one would hear in a bedroom. A snoring partner can directly contribute to your sleep deprivation, especially if it is a loud and constant pattern nightly.

Likewise, if you are the one that is a habitual snorer, even if you may not hear yourself, the snoring can actually interrupt your sleep several times throughout the night, increasing your sleep deprivation.

Snoring occurs when the flow of air through the mouth and nose is physically obstructed due to several factors such as allergies, poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue, and being overweight. In order to ensure a restful night’s sleep, you may want to explore snoring solutions for yourself or your partner.

Busy adults would agree, the gift of quiet, peaceful sleep is priceless. If your bed mate is a chronic snorer or your own snoring wakes you up at night, you know the struggle of finding a good night’s sleep. Nudging your partner to make them stop snoring doesn’t always work or may only work temporarily before the snorer falls back into their snoring rhythm.

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Many people do not consider investing in snoring solutions because they don’t want to wear a bulky contraption on their face or want to put a device in their mouth all night. Smart Nora is the non-invasive snoring solution that will give both the snorer and the sleep deprived partner relief. Using the Smart Nora will leave you free from those noisy machines, annoying mouth guards or nose strips.

daily mom parent portal signs of sleep deprivation

Here is how it works: an insert is placed into the snoring person’s pillow. Then throughout the night, the Nora listens and detects snoring sounds. Upon detection, it activates a silent pump to inflate and deflate the insert gently moving the pillow which slightly repositions the sleeper’s head restoring natural breathing. The motion of the pillow relieves throat muscles and enables normal breathing to quickly restore.

daily mom parent portal signs of sleep deprivation

The Smart Nora will work while one is sleeping without waking the snorer or the sleeping partner. This machine works for side, back or stomach sleepers and can be used on any pillow. If you are traveling, the Smart Nora bundle is compact enough to take with you ensuring a quiet, restful night even when you’re on the road.

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