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Unique Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


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Whether you choose to keep things low key or go out with a bang on the biggest date night of the year, these gift ideas for Valentine’s Day are sure to put a smile on your significant other’s face! A thoughtful gift goes a long way in the eyes of a lover, whether it is small or big, it is the thought that truly makes the gift worthwhile. This Valentine’s Day, dig into the sentimental side of things rather than going with traditional flowers or chocolates. From accessories to beauty products, we have got you covered in this all-inclusive guide to your perfect Valentine’s Day!

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Unique Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (& Him)


Does your sweetheart love to rock the biker look? Spice up her wardrobe during this sexy season with Cognac Leather Jacket in light brown, perfect for routine fashion throughout the year! Made from 100% Real Lambskin Leather and internally lined with skin-friendly viscose, this jacket is sure to keep your sugar warm and stylish at all times! This Rachel Womens Cognac Leather Jacket features multiple waist zipper pockets, as well as an upright collar with lightly quilted details from the front to the shoulder area.

Rachel Womens Cognac Leather Jacket
FJackets| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Does your man love the outdoorsy style? The Men’s Baker Boot is the perfect boot for a hike in the woods, a day in the office, a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, or anywhere in between. This stylish boot is the perfect cross between comfort and style! Created with quality leather on the exterior, while its insoles are lined with moulded foam for extra comfort, it is the best of both worlds. These slip-on boots are sure to complete your man’s look for the rest of the year as well as years to come!

Men’s Baker Boot
Staheekum | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


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Does your loved one pride themselves on their skincare regimen? This facial brush is changing the face washing game! Meejee is a facial cleansing massager that deeply cleanses pores with sonic pulses and hundreds of soft silicone bristles that get to the root of acne-causing impurities while softening skin and reducing signs of aging. The backside of the brush is equipped with a massaging basin for facial toning and rubbing in your favorite serums, oils, and moisturizers for increased effectiveness.

Meejee | Instagram



Enhance your special woman’s skincare experience with this bundle of healthy hydration! After thoroughly cleansing the face, apply Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix – a moisturizer that cares for your skin’s wellbeing – before following with the matching oxygenating foundation. This moisturizer is specially formulated with an aloe vera base that is both soothing and antibacterial. This moisturizer delivers oxygen to your skin while also replenishing it with hydration that is fast-absorbing and long-lasting. The second part of this bundle is Oxygenating Foundation – specially formulated with natural ingredients that go the extra mile in every aspect. The special bottle that this foundation comes in was created purposefully not to allow air to enter. Traditional foundation pumps are not airtight and therefore allow air impurities to readily contaminate product during every use.

Acne Control Foundation & Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix Bundle (50ml)
Oxygenetix | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


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What is a better gift than the gift of sight? These tortoiseshell frames are all the rage the hottest style! Accent your face with these gorgeous Earthy undertones to perfectly accentuate your features. This Essex frame is remarkable on both male and female faces alike. Giving an overall natural feel, these off-circular lenses are stylish and thoughtful for your sight-impaired loved one. Hand-polished with a signature keyhole bridge, these frames are flattering in more ways than one.

LensDirect | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


A walk should be brisk, not weighed down, especially not by your own feet. These lightweight walking shoes are the only solution to lightening your load on your walks! Each shoe weighs only about 0.8 lb, ensuring the lightest walk of your life- that is- with shoes of course! The soft and breathable mesh on the shoe’s outer layer allows for maximum comfort to be a top priority in the construction of these shoes. These shoes are a must for the woman in your life that enjoys her morning and evening walks.

Large Size Casual Women’s Slip-on Walking Sneakers
Akk | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest



Looking for a new accessory to spice up your wardrobe? Look no further. The Nia is the ultimate must-have three-way accessory! This day-to-night accessory transforms from a wallet to a crossbody purse, to a clutch; all big enough to carry the essentials, yet small enough to be an accent accessory. This gorgeously unique accessory was handcrafted in Spain and features contrasting leather and suede panels as well as a detachable stainless steel chain. The perfect accessory for a girl’s night out on the town, date night, or a dinner party, this purse is a one-of-a-kind gem.

The Nia 3-in-1 Bag
Pamoja | Facebook | Instagram


Digestive difficulties can be very frustrating, and we want to help. FoodMarble AIRE is a portable breath test device that connects to an app that allows you to view how your body digests food in real-time. Doctors have been using this type of breath analysis technology for years, but this is the first personal device of its kind. Before, these types of tests were not portable, let alone accessible through a smartphone. It goes to show what a far way technology has come throughout the years. This is especially convenient for those who are currently struggling with difficult to diagnosis digestive issues. Compare results over time to discover triggering foods an issue that would have gone unnoticed.

FoodMarble AIRE
FoodMarble | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin


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These charms look adorable and seem simple at a first glance, but they are so much more than just stylish jewelry. These everyday accessories are your best safety devices. Hidden on the backside of these charms is a button that can be double clicked to immediately text up-to five contacts a link to your location while letting them know you need help. For those using this fashionable safety device in the United States, there is also a free 9-1-1 feature to connect with 9-1-1 dispatchers. Never worry about your loved one going out on their own again with this safety feature. Every girl in your life needs one of these life savers!

Invisawear charm bracelet | Invisawear key chain charm
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This backpack is more than it appears to be to the naked eye! Pick from five stylish ways to use this tote while blowing people’s minds at the same time. Choose to wear it as a traditional backpack, removable clutch, over the shoulder, as a crossbody purse, or hold onto it by hand. These practical features and organization were designed to work well in all environments from the office, to brunch, to daycare pick up- making everyday errands fun with a sense of style.

This extremely lightweight and durable suitcase has been created to meet a traveler with a sense of ease. This design brings the strength and maneuverability expected from Samsonite to a whole new level. With an extra accentuated streamlined panel, increased space for packing up those extra goodies from vacation, this suitcase does it all. Not only is it easy to transport, but it is also easy on the eye! Pair this with a ticket to your dream destination and you are ready to go!

Samsonite & Sarah Jessica Parker: The Carried Away Convertible | Freeform Large Spinner
Samsonite | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Snag a special outfit this Valentine’s Day that is sure to make his heart skip a beat. Downtown Lace Cheeky Bikini – Red/Black not only provides both comfort and sex appeal, but it is also sure to spice up your evening at a glance! Pair it with your choice of bralette. For a sleek look, choose the NoHo Lace Triangle Bralette – Black to accentuate the look and complete it. Feeling a tad sexier? The Sutton Lace Bodysuit – Black is the look for you. Look good and feel good this Valentine’s day with these sexy sets.

Downtown Lace Cheeky Bikini – Red/Black | NoHo Lace Triangle Bralette – Black | Sutton Lace Bodysuit – Black
LoveSuze | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

With every passing year comes another opportunity to show your significant other what they mean to you. Although this should be a daily task as is, this special day only comes around one day a year. Be sure to put a smile on his or her face with a sentimental gift that is backed by thought and meaning. That little bit of appreciation and thought will make all the difference in your love life! Don’t pass up the opportunity to make your significant other feel significantly loved.


Weary of what to get that new special someone in your life? Not sure whether to go big or go home, or play small to not come across too strong? Check out Affordable Gifts for Valentines Day for a new partner, an old partner, or someone in between!

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