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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him


What are some things our men love? Food, sports, and technology usually top the list. So when trying to think of Valentine’s gift ideas for him, stick with these categories and they won’t be disappointed. From unique cooking appliances to a box full of meat, this gift guide has something for every kind of man to ensure a great Valentine’s Day.

We all have that man in our life who works so hard everyday. Whether he is conquering his future goals or striving to support his growing family, he deserves something special this Valentine’s Day. Shopping for our guys can be tough as we simply never know what to buy, but this year we found the perfect gift for sending him off to work everyday in style.

Dooney & Bourke crafts classic, high quality leather goods in a simple and timeless American style for both men and women. This Valentine’s Day we absolutely adore the Alto Hidden Handle Briefcase. This handsome yet function briefcase will take him to the classroom or the boardroom in style everyday. Large enough for carrying all of his workday essentials, but sleek and stylish enough for ease of use with no bulk or heavy weight, this is the perfect briefcase for the professional man.

Alto Hidden Handle Briefcase

Dooney & Bourke | Facebook |Instagram |Twitter |Youtube |PinterestDooney & Bourke

2Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him from Ooni

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And if that’s true, then the way to his soul is through amazing pizza. But unless you live in Italy, finding the most perfect, amazing, and delicious pizza to have at home is hard to come by. Luckily, you can bring home the bacon (as long as it’s on pizza) with the Uuni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven.

daily mom parents portal valentine's gift ideas for him
daily mom parents portal valentine's gift ideas for him

The Uuni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven not only creates melt in your mouth amazing pizza that tastes like it came straight from the fired-up wood oven at an authentic Italian restaurant, it also cooks pizza in just 60 seconds. Yes, you read that right. As soon as the oven is heated, which only takes about 10 minutes to get to 932 degrees, it is ready to cook. The wood pellets give it that delicious taste you can only find in restaurants. Not only does it cook pizzas, but it can also roast fish, meat, and vegetables when using a cast iron set. It is portable and easy to set up, so it can go from your backyard to your next beach bonfire or fishing trip with the guys.

daily mom parents portal valentine's gift ideas for him

Uuni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

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3Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him from Wynd 

Wherever you go, wherever you are, you breathe. Now it is time you take a deep, cleansing breath and it really will be deep and cleansing with Wynd. Quickly pair the device to your smart phone and start breathing pure air.

Valentine’s gift ideas for him

When two people fall in love, it is pure, honest, and trusting. Shouldn’t the air you breathe be exactly the same? Now it can be. When you are with your love this Valentine’s, breathe each other in knowing the quality of your love and that of your air is pure.

daily mom parents portal valentine's gift ideas for him

By tracking the quality of the air around you, you’ll not only know what is in the air you are breathing, but you will get a first-hand look at how the Wynd Plus purifies it. Clean up your (unseen) dirty air and get back to what matters most…purely breathing while lounging with your loved one.

Qualities of the Wynd Plus you will find refreshing:

  • Medical grade filter removes pollen, dust, dander, mold, and germs
  • Comes with microfiber case for portability
  • Wall and USB chargers
  • Air quality tracker and purifier in one device
  • Smart and portable for personal air space

Wynd Plus

Wynd | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin | Email

If the man in your life is a photographer he’ll love a new Langly camera bag for Valentine’s Day. As your love dives into photography, new lenses, accessories and tools will start to gather throughout the house. A high quality camera bag will provide a home for all his gear and ensure that he’s ready for another family photo shoot at a moment’s notice.

daily mom parents portal valentine's gift ideas for him

Perfect for both professionals and amateurs, Langly Bags are built to keep your photographer organized and stylish. The Multi Camera Bag classic is a professional-grade bag, built specifically to carry up to 10 lenses and a 15 inch laptop.

daily mom parents portal valentine's gift ideas for him

Padded compartments keep lenses safe, ensuring that even if your next photo shoot is on the top of a mountain, his gear will make it there in one piece. Foam inserts and sweat-wicking panels keep his back happy as he travels with all the gear he might need in tow. No matter what type of photography he aims to create, a new Langley Bag will show him how much you love his art!

Multi Camera Bag Classic

Langly Bag Co | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

5Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him from Epson

Want to send a Valentine that is extra special and from the heart? Then get yourself an Epson printer and the options are endless. Grab your Epson XP-7100 and get ready for versatile and high-quality crafty gifts. Looking for ideas? Try this! Send your loved one a scavenger hunt using the Epson app. Tell your love story by creating a personalized scavenger hunt using the app. Epson Creative Print allows you to create custom designs so that each clue can have a different picture. The XP-7100 offers superiority when it comes to printing high quality, beautiful images.

How about having a themed extravagant dinner complete with ornate dinner menus? Then use the Epson Valentine’s Day printable to create custom fortune cookies.

daily mom parents portal valentine's gift ideas for him

The Epson XP-7100 is a must-have for creating and crafting Valentine’s Day magic. Oftentimes, our loved ones don’t want elaborate and expensive gifts. They want gifts from the heart. The XP-7100 offers a variety of hands-off tools that allow you to put a little magic into your holiday while also gifting something practical that will be used for years to come.

daily mom parents portal valentine's gift ideas for him

Epson XP-7100

Espon | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

7Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him from Mujjo 

Does your man travel a lot? If so, he likely brings along his laptop. He probably takes it to meetings, lectures, bars – everywhere he goes. What better gift idea then, than a minimal sleeve to protect his stuff, and carry a few extra bits like a hard drive or a notepad? All while remaining sleek and stylish.

The leather folio is distinguished by premium full-grain vegetable-tanned leather that’s expertly treated to get more beautiful with time. It will securely protect his Macbook (or similarly sized device) while gaining character as he uses it. Combining durability with softness to the touch, this sleeve is not only easy to clean and water-repellant, but a must have for anyone who regularly works on the “road.”

Another gift option is a Monaco Blue leather smart phone case. Seamlessly wrapped in full-grain leather, you can rest easy when it comes to protecting your device. The leather adds a warmer and ‘grippier’ feel and offers protection from everyday knocks and bumps; while the leather ages beautifully, the saturation is just right and will become beautifully complex with time.

These cases are crafted to fit the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr; But they are also available as a wallet – a winning combination that adds a pouch on the back, providing an opening sized to fit up to 3 cards, while the durable leather pocket is capable of stretching to fit 4 or 5.

daily mom parents portal valentine's gift ideas for him

Sleeve for Macbook Air | Full Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo | Facebook | Instagram |Twitter

Does your man love to grill but hates being outside in the cold during the winter or the only one outside in the heat with the bugs in the summer? Or maybe a large grill doesn’t fit in your minimalist lifestyle. Either way, a smokeless indoor grill like the one from Crux is perfect for the guy who loves to barbecue and would love to do it from inside the comfort of his home. The Crux Indoor Smokeless Grill has a large removable and washable cooking plate. The precision heating probe makes sure the temperature is just right. Grill chicken, steaks, veggies, and more with the Crux XL Smokeless Indoor Grill.

daily mom parents portal valentine's gift ideas for him

Crux XL Smokeless Indoor Grill

Crux Kitchen | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Our guys deserve Valentine’s Day gifts as much as we do. This year let’s expand our usual socks and underwear gifts and consider some of these unique and practical Valentine’s gift ideas for him.


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Valentine's Gift Ideas For Him

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