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Westgate Resort in Orlando: An Amazing Getaway for Moms


Ask any mother if she has any inkling of mom-guilt, and the answer will probably be yes. Mothers tend to be the givers, not takers, and when a destination like the Westgate Resort in Orlando comes along, Mom’s first thought is more than likely how the kids will love it. We’re rewriting this story, however, because it’s all about how Mom will love it…all by herself. You’d think getting away to the Westgate Resort in Orlando over the holidays would be the worst time for Mom to escape the daily mom-grind, but we’re rewriting the story, remember?

Escaping from the diaper changes, the terrible rewind show of mom-mom-mom-mom, and the dreaded what’s for dinner surroundings is exactly what she needs during the holiday chaos. Either that or bring the whole family – either way, the Westgate Resort in Orlando accommodates both just Mom or Mom and her blessed entourage.

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Visiting Westgate Resort in Orlando Over The Holidays

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The most insane time to even consider getting away would probably be over the holidays, but since we are rewriting the story on how Mom takes time for herself, this is exactly the time of year mom could get away for three nights. Think about it… just three nights away at the Westgate Resort in Orlando would allow her to refocus, rejuvenate, and reboot herself to continue tackling the bustling life of motherhood once she’s back. It’s not like the children are going anywhere without her! The holidays are busy, but they aren’t 24/7 kind of busy – and if they are, you probably should rethink your priorities if life cannot function without mom for 3 whole nights!

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Take a stroll through the wonderland of the Christmas holiday and allow yourself (Mom) to just be in the moment. The moments of how you feel, the moments of how you breathe deeper, the moments you take to yourself during this joyous season are just as important as everything else. It’s time to take the cliché of the “busy” holidays and rewrite your personal story of how you take any day of the year and make it your own. We personally agree that the tropical setting of Florida makes it quite easy to do so while wearing your most comfortable 80-degree outfits.

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Mom’s Special Time at the Westgate Resort in Orlando

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Whether you decide to lounge poolside, enjoy a daiquiri at the bar, or soak in your jacuzzi tub every afternoon in your room – there’s no one to give snacks to, change diapers, or ‘convince’ that the pool is safe and enjoyable. Some of the Westgate Resort in Orlando hotel deals are so incredibly mind-blowing, you’ll probably wonder why it took you so long to consider doing this for yourself. Oh, that’s right… it DID cross your mind and perhaps the guilty bug bit you so hard, you didn’t consider it again – at least not without the family in tow.

We get it, even according to Today, Women often feel guilty about taking time for themselves, says psychiatrist and TODAY contributor Dr. Gail Saltz. “There is some maternal ideal of being self-sacrificing that just isn’t consistent with having time for yourself,” she said.

The key, says Saltz, is for women to recognize the difference between being selfish in a bad way and being selfish in a healthy way.

Dr. Gail Saltz

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The very thing mom needs is alone time, time to meditate, take a walk, pamper herself, and just be with herself. The kids and husband are literally a FaceTime click away to show them that Mom is getting exactly what she needs – time away. This is the time to journal your New Year’s goals, family vacations, and upcoming visits for the holiday, or new business ventures you want to take on. It’s not the time to muddle around, struggling to get everything done within the unrealistic timeframe most moms put on themselves.

The accommodations available at the Westgate Resort in Orlando make it pretty easy to settle in and get your groove on… all by your lonesome. The large living space for watching your favorite shows to the breath-taking scenic view just outside your window; it’s everything a Mom needs to make her feel like this decision was on point.

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From the jacuzzi tubs to the plush king bed, immerse yourself in the lap of luxury and peace. Whether you decide to stay around the resort grounds to visit the Serenity Spa for a treatment, or venture out to the theme parks that are nearby, do whatever your heart pleases, take lots of pictures, and demonstrate to your young family that this is not only okay for mom to do, but it’s also necessary. Telling the children not this time demonstrates that they can say it too, one day to their kids, and how they turned out just fine when Mom took time to herself.

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Some of the best areas at the Westgate Resort in Orlando are the pools! With over five different pools to choose from (along a gorgeous walking path), you’ll find slightly different ‘themes’ at each one. No matter which one you end up dipping your toes in, the water is soothing, the sun is welcoming, and the bar is just across the way.

It’s times like these when you seem the busiest that you should slow down, take a walk, and breathe a lot deeper than you have all year long!

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Westgate Resort in Orlando For Family Time Away

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Of course, this certainly is an ideal place for the whole family. They have beautiful off-property accommodations for larger families near Disney, with jetted tubs, walk-in showers, and loads of kid-friendly activities that will have you out and about every day with new memories to capture. The Westgate Resort in Orlando features the thrilling Treasure Cove Waterpark!

Complete with a lazy river, waterslides, splash park, and wave pool, you could spend your whole day here and enjoy your quiet evening because it will certainly wipe those kids out for the rest of the night! But once you are all dry, the land has many ventures to offer as well. The timeless mini-golf course is just what those young pirates need…aarrggggg!

Keep score, make friendly bets, and do your best to get a hole in one before the pirates take off with your treasures! Make a day of fun, memories, and laughs at the Westgate Resort in Orlando with the whole family. The activities are plentiful and the Instagram moments are just waiting to be shared!

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Westgate Resort in Orlando has hotels that are just minutes away from Universal Studios, Disney, Sea World, and a plethora of dining options are at your beck and call. If your family is a fan of tacos, be sure to stop at Bartaco for the best, made-to-order fresh tacos and drinks. Yes, parents, we said, made-to-order fresh drinks as well! There’s no rushing allowed here, it’s that incredibly fresh and incredibly delicious, it’s worth the wait!

With a full kitchen, laundry, and dining area, a family of four can comfortably stay in the one-bedroom condo. Whatever your families’ needs are, there are options for you to choose from at the Westgate Resort in Orlando so that everyone has the space they need and the fun vacation they want.

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No matter what you do, a family vacation or a solo trip, give Mom time away and make her feel like it’s a normal part of life. Mom taking time for herself is absolutely necessary! After all, necessary chores like laundry are something that is common and anybody can do it, dads and children included. We don’t see why taking a long weekend over at the Westgate Resort in Orlando would be any different – it’s just something Moms do, just like dads and children alike (but they do playdates)!

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Bottom line, if you’re looking for some sweet Orlando hotel deals, look no further than a getaway to Florida – any time of year, especially at the Westgate Resort in Orlando.

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