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Winter Fashion: 5 Bold Petite Clothes for Women Who Rock The Mom-Life


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We love the idea of a new beginning, especially when it comes to shopping in the New Year after the whirlwind of 2020. The air is crisp and clean and reminds us of an aura of a new beginning, which may lead you to rethink some of your wardrobe pieces. Yes, we’re talking about a New Year’s Resolution renovation in the closet department for those mommas who wear petite clothes. It’s time to find petite clothes that fit perfectly, suit our personality, and exaggerate the curves of motherhood in a big way for our petite bodies. Choose from fancy or casual or athleisurewear, we’ve got your style, Lil’ Momma!

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Petite Clothes for a Soft, Yet Fierce Look

Ok Ladies, whoever doesn’t love looking fresh and feminine for a quick stroll or run to the store, is absolutely missing out on turning heads and getting compliments. Whatever you do, take note of these must-have petite clothes, because gorgeous is just the beginning of how you’ll feel!

Ivy City Co.

Winter Fashion: Petite Clothes For Women Who Rock The Mom-life

If you have ever wished for a fairy Godmother to come and make you beautiful, this is the dress she would bestow upon you! Your wishes and desires for well-fitted petite clothes come alive in the Wanderlust Dress. Exclusively available at Ivy City Co, this unique beauty keeps everything flowing, magical, comfortable, and necessary. We believe feeling beautiful in our petite clothes is absolutely necessary. The muted pink top and layers upon layers of sunburst-golds make up the dainty, deep blush tiered skirt. The lovely crossover chest provides adequate coverage while being charming for a mom in her prime years of motherhood.

We can’t help but twirl away from the stresses that tend to keep some moms from dressing up for themselves. With each step, feel the feather-light layers of exquisitely-made fabrics against your skin. The detachable waistband (that doubles as a hair scarf) sits just above the varying lengths of a multi-dimensional skirt directly underneath the high-waistline.

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If you are looking for petite clothes with a lot of stretch, be sure to have your measurements just right. The last thing you want to experience is that your Fairy Godmother didn’t get you the correct size! Not to worry though, simply size up if you find that your beautiful mom-bod is in-between their size chart.

Twirl until your heart’s content and take your partner with you. Dance the night away on a date. Celebrate the weaning of your youngest, or simply go for a stroll and feel like the princess who was able to go to the ball because the evil little step-sisters (aka, our amazing children) are taking a nap. Then, if you happen to be looking for petite clothes for those little ones as well, twirl together with the MINIS. 

Winter Fashion: Petite Clothes For Women Who Rock The Mom-life

All you need is the perfect pair of comfortable heels (yes, they do exist) and Momma, you can rock this Alpine Jumpsuit any day of the week. It’s such an eye-catching, perfect-for-cool-weather jumpsuit that feels like the most luxurious velvet you’ve ever felt. Shopping for petite clothes that are modest and stylish, yet feminine is no easy feat. Either they’re too long, too tight, or too revealing. The soft stretch across the smocked bodice keeps, even you voluptuous ladies, from showing more than you desire. The subtle and sultry waistline has a bit of a ruffle to accentuate those mom-bearing hips we love to show off, but not flaunt more than necessary.

It’s a lovely piece for home-school video conferences or a date night after a long day stuck at home. Where ever you take the Alpine Jumpsuit, wear her and wear her well with your head held high and your confidence soaring! You’re not likely to be easily forgotten or seen as a “frumpy” mom in this killer jumpsuit!

Winter Fashion: Petite Clothes For Women Who Rock The Mom-life

Feeling a bit more frisky and sassy? Yes, Momma, you’re allowed and you definitely have permission when you are wearing the Alice Dress in Wine. She’s fun, flirtatious, and daring. Petite clothes don’t always have the attitude you’re desiring to express when you want to slip into something different. However, when it comes to this personality-driven dress, she’s expressing exactly how you want to look, feel, and act… so let your Mom-sass totally show off!

The ripple effects laying across the shoulders gives your shoulders a nice square and strong appearance. It’s anything but masculine, it’s the most girlish style that makes you feel young and vibrant (even though your kids make you feel like you’re 80!). Since it’s coupled with a high-waisted, single band, it transitions your body from the modest and slightly fitted bodice to an incredibly light and airy ruffled shirt. When the breeze catches it just right, all eyes will be on you, Momma.

Ivy City Co. has made it easy to wear petite clothes that not only fit properly but are made with mothers in mind. Their clothes are modest, yet sexy, comfortable, yet chic and stylish, fierce, yet incredibly soft and a dream to wear. This year, step out of your comfort zone and into petite clothes that allow you, Mom, to look your best!

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Wanderlust Dress | Alpine Jumpsuit | Alice Dress in Wine – Coming Soon
Ivy City Co. | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Karmic Witch

Winter Fashion ’21: Bold Petite Clothes For Women Who Rock The Mom-life

This beautiful piece, the Sunday Girl Blouse, is infused with sunshine, love, and an abundance of joy. Made ethically and in Bali, this beautiful blouse will outshine any sunny day you feel blue. The Sunday Girl Blouse is part of the Golden Hour collection with Karmic Witch. Silky soft, vibrant and durable against the day-to-day life, the Sunday Girl Blouse is perfect for any mom, of any age looking to add a splash of color to her wardrobe. 

As a perfect set to the Sunday Girl Blouse, the Joni Mini Skirt makes for a cute night out for mom. Sweetly crafted and ethically made in Bali as well, this beautiful skirt is sure to draw attention with its unique designs and soft texture. The Joni Mini Skirt is soft as silk, well-made, and so comfortable to wear throughout the busyness of any day. Whether you’re at home or spending the day with the ladies, this mini skirt is a perfect addition to add to your petite clothes collection. 

The Sophia Midi Dress is a sweet all-time dress perfect for any lazy evening stroll in the city. Choose your personal style of Ocean Blue or Dusky Rose and pair it with a tank, a sweater, or all by its lonesome as is. Lounge in the sun or spend the day running errands, this dress will remain soft and beautiful. Throw on a light cardigan as the sun sets or hideaway in the warmth of your home. Like her sister items below, the Sophia Midi Dress is made in Bali, and each purchase plants a tree in Australia. By adding a splash of color to your life, you plant a tree half a world away while shopping for petite clothes.  

For you bold mommas out there looking for some cute and sustainable petite clothes, we love the no-nonsense styles with a Bohemian twist Karmic Witch offers. Get out of your comfort zone a bit and wear some bolder colors, lighter dresses, and skirts that flatter your petite body.

Sophia Midi Dress | Sunday Girl Blouse | Joni Mini Skirt 
Karmic Witch | Facebook | Instagram

Athleisure Wear: Petite Clothes to Work Up a Sweat

There is such a thing as “skinny-fat”. Sure, most of us moms with a small frame can find petite clothes in the athletic wear department; everything is super tight, right?! Yes, and no. Just because it’s tight doesn’t mean it fits correctly or looks good on our smaller frames. We want petite clothes that are functional for working out while still looking pretty cool…for a mom *wink*.


Winter Fashion: Petite Clothes For Women Who Rock The Mom-life
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If you already feel badass in your workout gear, we can attest that you’ll feel even more confident after your workout wearing this gorgeous Ocelot Capella Top. Get ready for activewear that supports your high-medium activities, whether it’s cross-training, cycling, or running (and so much more!). This lightweight jacket is sure to turn heads and make you feel like a million-dollar athlete with each intentional step.

We love nothing more than to match our petite clothes with fierce statement sets. To complement your Ocelot Capella Top, the Ocelot Legging is a sleek addition to your Ultracor ensemble. Its performance-driven compression technology supports all the right areas and allows flexibility where you need it most (everywhere!).

There’s no way we wouldn’t add Ultracor to our collection of petite clothes, Moms. The fact that each piece is cut from scratch from world-class materials, gives you peace of mind that they fit expertly well for our unique body shape. Plus, there is free ground shipping within the USA and Canada, so, be patient, they are more than worth the wait!

Ocelot Legging | Ocelot Capella Top
Ultracor | Facebook | Instagram

Ivy Sister

Winter Fashion: Petite Clothes For Women Who Rock The Mom-life

Ivy Sister is one of those mom-favorites, when looking for petite clothes, we actually don’t mind being seen wearing them at the gym! The Luna High Rise Legging keeps functionality where it matters – it stays put and it’s ultra-flattering. Their outrageously loud and incredibly cool prints are digitally designed without using water dyes. This means that your petite clothes from Ivy Sister create minimal waste, giving you peace of mind and a killer new workout set.

To complete the ensemble, the matching Luna Sports Bra is the way to go. It’s a lightweight, but functional sports bra for support during those light to moderate body-shaping workouts you have planned (or are planning…we know, we aren’t judging)! The same trendy camo print makes a bold statement and sets your intentions. You can’t help but feel like a mom with a purpose when you step into a gym wearing this statement combination.

Yes, it’s yet another black legging…but, what if…it was so incredibly soft, flexible, and light, you’d want to sleep in it?! If you’re going to add yet another black legging to your petite clothes shopping list, the North High Rise Legging best be included. No rolling, bunching, or mom-belly roll-over. This soft, sustainable stretch fabric is meant to keep you cool and ultra-comfortable when you’re hitting your next intense workout goal (or you just caught your baby from falling off the bed). It keeps up with you AND your kids – now that’s a performance in a black legging all of us moms could use!

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Mom, get a hoodie! Sometimes, frumpy is OK, but make sure it’s a sexy frumpy. You may not be feeling it, the kids are driving you nuts and you just want to veg out in the South Hoodie; permission granted! It’s meant for those laidback, lazy days when all you want is the comfort of a gentle hug in a chill-lax cotton-blend hoodie. It’s a definite must-have for those binge-watching days and nights you and the kids have absolutely nothing to clean (because really, it CAN wait).

Winter Fashion: Petite Clothes For Women Who Rock The Mom-life

Ivy Sister creates feel-good petite clothes that make you feel inclusive, badass, relaxed, and earth-loving with their sustainable practices. For you eco-conscious moms out there, these pieces will not only fit you properly, but your conscience will stay clear.

North High Rise Legging | South Hoodie | Luna Sports Bra | Luna High Rise Legging
Ivy Sister | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Emma Lou

Winter Fashion: Petite Clothes For Women Who Rock The Mom-life

The new kid on the block, making its way into the petite clothes section is the Sculpt & Sweat Yoga Pants by Emma Lou. We’re not even going to hide the obvious, ladies, we want a gorgeous looking booty, right? These yoga pants pull double duty by not only accentuating those curves of yours from all the hard work in the gym, but they also increase sweating to rid your body of excess water weight around your lower mom-tum. The blend of neoprene fabrics in the contouring waistband does all the work, you just need to slip into these instantly-shaped-for-perfection leggings.

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Winter Fashion: Petite Clothes For Women Who Rock The Mom-life

If working up a sweat is this easy, you’d better opt for two pairs! One on you and the other in the wash. Emma Lou wants to keep it crazy-simple for moms who want to work out while slimming down the mom-tummy and enhancing the booty’s beautiful curves.

Sculpt & Sweat Yoga Pants
Emma Lou | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Yes, Momma, this is your year to get your groove back and wear those petite clothes like a household queen. So what if you are stuck at home 90% of the time?! Feel beautiful in the clothes you wear and show your kids and your husband that not all moms have to look frumpy in their petite mom-bod. The new rule in 2021: a reason to shop for petite clothes, for us mommas, is never required!

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