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15 Cozy, Comfy Christmas PJ’s & Christmas Decor Ideas for Celebrating the Season At Home

Christmas decor ideas are always fun and exciting to explore as you begin to plan your decorations for the season. Whether you are one who decorates for Christmas the day after Halloween, decorates the tree together on Thanksgiving, or waits until December to turn your home into tinsel town, we …

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Scared of needles? A parent’s guide to making vaccination shots less painful

Follow these simple dos and don’ts to make getting shots more comfortable for your child. Photo: iStock As parents, when our kids get a vaccination, it’s easy to brush off their fears. “It’ll just be a little poke,” we’ll say. Or, if they’ve reacted badly to previous shots, we might …

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Creating A Healthy Lifestyle Is Easier Than You Realize: 18 Hacks to Help

Mask or no mask? Gobs of antibacterial gels or sprays? These highly recommended guidelines seem like they are never-ending. However, if it’s a virus you want to beat, it’s the overall healthy lifestyle that will lend you the upper hand. Antibacterials are for bacteria, beating viruses – that’s going to …

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