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Best Luxury Stroller for Babies


When you are the parent of a newborn your stroller becomes your best friend. This is why you’ll want the best luxury stroller you can find. Most moms use a stroller for baby almost daily – whether it be a walk or jog through the park, a shopping trip, or just in and out while taking older children to and from activities.

Even at home, babies love fresh air and movement, so a stroller ride down the sidewalk can calm a fussy baby (and give a bit of peace and fresh air to a tired caregiver). While there are so many things you’ll want and need for your first baby, you will rely on your stroller to go everywhere with you and your newborn (and eventually toddler), so you’ll certainly get your money’s worth by investing in the right one.

When it comes to stroller selections for your new baby, there are countless options, but we love the Aptica Inglesina, a 2019 National Parenting Product Award Winner.

daily mom parent portal best luxury stroller

The Aptica Crossover Stroller for babies can be used from birth up to 55 pounds. For the newborn stage, Aptica offers a bassinet + bassinet stand bundle (sold separately). The gorgeous, large bassinet (internal dimensions 14.57” wide, 8.66” high, 31.10” deep) comes complete with a ventilation control system, to regulate the flow of air and temperature. This is important when considering strollers for babies, as newborns cannot yet regulate their own body temperature.

Features of the Best Luxury Stroller for Babies

The bassinet mattress is made of medium density foam with 40 holes for ventilation, spread uniformly. Your baby will lay on a cover made of bamboo fiber, a material that is highly breathable, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

daily mom parent portal best luxury stroller

The bassinet hood is made with an anti-UV (UPF50) treated fabric with sun visor for protection against direct sunlight. It’s equipped with double panels, to protect the baby from the wind and cold, as well as a quick-access apron to place your newborn easily into the bassinet without having to detach the apron first.

daily mom parent portal best luxury stroller

Aptica covers all the bases and gets bonus points with moms, because it comes with a bassinet stand that allows you to use the bassinet inside your home, or even as a bed while traveling. Speaking of travel, a car seat adapter is also available for select car seats. If your baby falls asleep in the stroller while out for a walk, you can avoid waking them by simply carrying the bassinet inside and placing it on the stand.

Best Luxury Stroller For Babies

Why the Aptica is the Best Stroller for Babies

The Aptica is definitely a mom’s best friend when it comes to loading and unloading. The bassinet easily lifts out of the stroller and then the stroller can be folded with just one hand. When folded, the stroller stays standing (without the handle touching the ground, so bonus points for hygiene) and is extra compact and lightweight for loading.

Best Luxury Stroller For Babies
Best Luxury Stroller For Babies

The Aptica stroller handle is height-adjustable in 4 positions, making it comfortable for parents of all heights to push.

Best Luxury Stroller For Babies

The frame has a leatherette solid handle that is not only beautiful but comfortable for your hands, as well as large shock-absorbent wheels designed to stroll nicely on any surface. When considering strollers for babies, it’s important to find out how the stroller’s wheels feel on all surfaces, as a rough ride may wake a sleeping baby.

daily mom parent portal best luxury stroller

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The beautiful Aptica stroller is made in Italy, and will get all the compliments from other moms about it’s glam look and size. In addition to all of the amazing features already mentioned, this stroller for babies also has a large under carriage area for storing bags, that is easy to access. There is also a compartment connected to the under carriage that zips up for protection of your smaller items.

All features considered, when it comes to the best luxury stroller for babies, the Inglesina Aptica definitely wins our vote!

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Best Luxury Stroller For Babies
Best Luxury Stroller for Babies – Aptica » Daily Mom
Best Luxury Stroller for Babies 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Daily Mom reviews the best luxury stroller, the Aptica Crossover Stroller by Inglesina. This glam cross-over wins our vote of best strollers for babies.

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