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4 tricks for disciplining a toddler

Photo: Cynthia Perez Photography Sophia just wanted to climb. Shortly after her first birthday, she was so excited with her new mobility that she didn’t care if it was stairs or a bookcase—if it was scalable, she wanted to try. She needed to try. And that’s the rub. Sophia was …

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How to handle a screaming toddler

Photo: iStockPhoto My toddler is going through a shrieking phase: When she spots a friend; when she doesn’t want to put on her shoes; when she’s simply delighting in the sound of her own voice. I know she’s just expressing herself, and if I don’t react she tends to tone …

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There are new guidelines about when to turn your kid’s car seat forward-facing

Photo: NHTSA IMAGE LIBRARY It’s an issue many parents grapple with: When should you turn your kid’s car seat forward-facing? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released an important new policy on this that can help guide you through this decision. Previously the organization specified that kids should remain …

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How to travel with a potty-training toddler

Photo: iStock My husband and I decided to go with the untraditional naked-from-the-waist-down approach to potty-training. Yep. I was tired of diapers, and many of our friends had used this method with success, so we dove in. We picked a start date, stripped her down and tracked her urination with …

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What to do when your toddler starts hitting herself

Photo: Today’s Parent One night before dinner,  Sarah Campbell* asked her two-year-old, Scott, to wash his hands. “He looked at me and, with an open hand, smacked his head,” she remembers. In the following weeks, Campbell noticed Scott was also striking himself when he was embarrassed. “When I picked him up …

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