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Challenges Teachers Face In The School System


We cannot keep rescuing our children from their own consequences. Your time spent with your child and the collaboration with their teachers is paramount to ease the stress both at school and at home.

According to Dana Gerendasi, principal of the Waterside Elementary School in Queens, New York, she suggests that parents take an active role and attend PTA meetings and school events.

And as far as the behavior issues. If parents don’t respect teachers, why would students? Society as a whole no longer sees teaching as a respectable career, and the salary shows it.

Parental involvement with the school will give you more of a firsthand look at what your child’s school and teachers need from you.

See your child’s teacher as a partner not a complainer

A 14-year teacher suggests that parents adopt the mindset that their child’s school is designed to help educate their children, not be the sole source of their education and character building skill sets. If you look at your doctor as a respectable, knowledgeable, advisor to your health, then perceive your child’s teacher in a similar way. They are not there to complain about your child, they see a problem (symptom) and they want to advise you on how to treat it (the prescribed medication).

Be sure to read everything your teacher sends home with your child. 

Your child’s teacher likely has some valuable notes and observations that you don’t see on a day-to-day basis. Keep your emotions out of it and look at the situation in a non-biased way, as simply as the teacher’s experience. There’s no need to ‘defend’ your child’s behavior. You weren’t there. Your child’s teacher was…every-single-school-day. If they mention that your child is struggling to learn or isn’t cooperating, meet with them for some suggestions to enhance their learning skills while they are not in school. You know your child best, share with their teachers what you have found that works. Collaborating together rather than butting heads over behavior issues is the real issue.

Recognize the Struggle and the Necessity for Teachers

They’re human too. Your child’s teacher is a human being who has her own set of challenges outside of the classroom, and yet she chose this line of work. If you happen to be comparing your career to the teachers thinking they have it easy, singing and playing games all day…think again. No ‘job’ is easy in the eye of the beholder. If you want a hands-on experience with your child’s teacher, spend a day in their classroom with them (but don’t help even if you are tempted to – because your teacher more than likely has no assistance).

According to teachers in general, they feel they suffer the most in the current public school educational system. The students suffer, but most of the teachers who are still in the profession, are so passionate, resourceful, and really trying to do their best continuously, however with less. This, in turn, reflects on the students who are suffering immensely too.

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The students who entered my College English class were often at the same levels at my 3rd grade students. Education is in a sad state. The change has been getting worse each year. I’m pretty sure I did not get a 1-step increase in my salary in those 10 years.


Our teachers have some very real challenges that they are facing in the school system.  This and more can be seen when you become more involved with your teacher’s situation and ask how you can help alleviate not only their difficulties but your child’s as well. If your teacher is challenged you can also bet your child is suffering from the ripple effects of the teacher’s struggles as well. As a parent, a teacher, or a concerned member of our society, it’s about time for all of us to advocate for the necessary changes both the teachers and students need.

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