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Designing Their Dream Room With Maxtrix: 5 Kids Bedroom Furniture Pieces For Tweens


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Sometimes large families fall into small spaces and when that happens, sharing a bedroom is a necessity. Some parents might be reluctant to have their kids share a bedroom out of fear of having to listen to blood-curdling screams morning, noon, and all night long. Fortunately, sharing a bedroom doesn’t have to end with a crime scene; especially when you have a set of kids bedroom furniture from Maxtrix. Before you give up on the idea of having your kids share a room, stick around! We have a whole list of reasons why sharing a bedroom is actually good for your kids.


Forming Strong Family Ties

In an article written by PsychReg, 46% of all adults surveyed reported that sharing a bedroom with their siblings was a positive experience that helped them develop strong ties to their family. The study also found that 38% of the adults interviewed believed that sharing a bedroom helped them learn how to share. Most people will agree, teaching their children to share can be a bit of a challenge at times. If you’re having a hard time getting your kids to share, putting them in the same bedroom might be the best option.

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An article written by Moms highlights additional reasons why having kids share a bedroom is an excellent idea including reinforcing sharing. Here are some of those reasons.

  • The Security Blanket

If one or more of your children wakes up frequently at night because of creepy shadows, strange sounds, or they just can’t go back to sleep after using the restroom, having another sibling in the room with them can be a security blanket. We tried that with our two youngest children because the younger child woke up frequently and couldn’t fall back to sleep. In our situation, it worked like a charm. After a while, we discovered the younger child would crawl into bed with his sibling when he was afraid and then fall back to sleep.

  • Independence

Also mentioned in the article from Moms is independence. While it might seem ironic, having your children share a bedroom can help them develop independence because it forces them to create their personal space in a room they’re sharing. Moms recommends making sure your children each have their own wall to flaunt their personalities.

  • Reducing Sibling Arguments

Again, on the list of all things ironic, Moms reports having children share a bedroom can reduce the number of fights between them. After all, they can’t fight about an unauthorized sibling being in their space if that sibling shares a room with them. But when they do have arguments – and we all know they will – sharing a bedroom can help them figure out how to work together to solve their problems. Some of us remember the classic 80s family sitcoms where two siblings were at each other’s throats. What did those sitcom families do? They shoved the two kids in a room together and forced them to figure out their issues.

Maximizing Space


Now that we all agree sharing a bedroom is a good idea, let’s talk about the next struggle parents face: maximizing space. This is where having the right kids bedroom furniture is of the utmost importance.

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Very Well Family advises that parents consider how to manage the space that’s going to be used by two or more children. If your children are currently in two separate bedrooms, you should sit down and draw out a map of the bedroom and then draw in where the kids bedroom furniture is going to go and which beloved toys have to be in the bedroom. The remaining toys may need to be stored elsewhere or be donated depending on how much storage space you have throughout your house.

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In the event your children must share a space but desperately need more privacy, Very Well Family recommends either using kids bedroom furniture like bookshelves to divide the room or purchasing room dividers such as privacy screens. We like the Giantex Privacy Screen available on Amazon because it has storage shelves on both sides of the screen that will create more storage.

Last but not least, Very Well Family encourages parents to pick the right kids bedroom furniture for the space. Specifically, they mentioned bunk beds. This is where Maxtrix Kids Bedroom Furniture is going to help you manage your kids’ space.

How Maxtrix Kids Bedroom Furniture Can Help?

Maxtrix has it all! From trundle beds, loft beds, and bunk beds: whatever you need, Maxtrix has it! Some of our favorite kids bedroom furniture available from Maxtrix includes the Queen High Bunk Bed, Magazine Rack, Underbed Storage Drawer, Three Drawer Nightstand, and the 5 Shelf Bookcase. Buy from Maxtrix and rest easy knowing that your children have a comfortable bedroom with all kinds of storage options. The only thing Maxtrix can’t help with is the neverending battle of getting your children to use all the extra storage.

Queen High Bunk Bed


Our favorite kids bedroom furniture piece is the Queen High Bunk Bed. What are the fabulous features available on this extraordinary space-saving bed? We’re so glad you asked!

We know when it comes to purchasing anything for your children that safety is always the number one consideration. When purchasing a bunk bed for your children, there are a few safety issues you need to be aware of.

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Nationwide Children’s advises that all bunk beds should have a guard rail on both sides of the top bunk. The slats of the guard rail should be spaced no more than 3.5” apart to avoid accidental strangulation. The guard rail itself should extend at least 5” over the top of the mattress to prevent your child from falling out of the top bunk. The Queen High Bunk Bed has 16” tall guard rails on all four sides of the top bunk. Children under the age of six should never be allowed to sleep on the top bunk!

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The Queen High Bunk Bed is available in three different finishes: chestnut, natural, and white guaranteeing that whatever color your current kids bedroom furniture is, this will coordinate with it. The ladder for the Queen High Bunk Bed can be placed on either the right or left side of the bed and the spacious queen-sized framed will give your kids plenty of room to grow and stretch, allowing them a comfortable place to sleep. Our most favorite feature with this kids bedroom furniture piece is that when the kids are older the Queen High Bunk Bed can be separated into two individual queen-sized beds or transformed into a loft bed.

Underbed Storage Drawer


This dream piece comes as either one drawer or a set of two. The drawers are large enough to hold extra blankets and sheets. We LOVE that it can hold extra sheets. This feature can come in handy if you have a small child who still wets the bed at night. With the Underbed Storage Drawer, you won’t have to rummage through hall closets late at night to find clean sheets. Just pull out the drawer, grab what you need, and get back to sleep. Alternatively, for older kids, easily store winter coats and jackets, sports uniforms, and more in these extra-large, spacious drawers that are simple to add to your kids bedroom furniture.

Three Drawer Nightstand


The Three Drawer Nightstand is the perfect bedside table. Place a small lamp on top. Use the top drawer to hold items such as television or gaming remotes. Use the other drawers to hold extra pajamas. However you use the drawers, you won’t regret having all the extra storage this nightstand adds to your kids bedroom furniture setup.

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Magazine Rack


With the Magazine Rack, your late-night readers will have easy access to all of their favorite books and even some toys if they choose. The Magazine Rack slides over the top railing of the bunk bed. To prevent damage to the wood of your kids bedroom furniture, it comes with rubber hooks.

5 Shelf Bookcase


The 5 Shelf Bookcase is perfect for holding toys or books. The shelves are 13” deep, providing plenty of space for extra-large books. This bookcase was also designed for use underneath a loft bed to increase floor space in the bedroom. Remember! The Queen High Bunk Bed can be transformed into a loft bed when your kids are ready for separate rooms.

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When it comes to shopping for kids bedroom furniture, Maxtrix will meet all of your storage, safety, and comfort needs. From toddlers to teens, only children to large families, don’t fret over the size of your floor space, check out Maxtrix. Whether you are designing an individual room or a shared space, let your tots, tweens, or teens express themselves in their bedroom decor as the kids bedroom furniture options from Maxtrix are all versatile and classic, allowing them to fit into any look and style. Don’t get overwhelmed by small bedroom spaces. Get Maxtrix! Your kids will rest easy and so will you!

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