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Why Laser Hair Removal is Worth Every Penny


Anyone can tell you that hair removal is not glamorous. It’s not just for fashionable people or those in a swimsuit at the beach. Many people don’t explore permanent hair removal because they think the laser hair removal cost is not worth the results. Tending to unruly hair on any part of your body is an accepted universal grooming standard like having clean fingernails, but it’s also a tedious maintenance task that is costly and time-consuming. You can minimize the effort with a small investment in laser hair removal that saves you time and money in the long run.

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5 Reasons Why The Laser Hair Removal Cost is Worth it

1Permanent Removal Saves Time

Hair removal is likely part of your regular daily maintenance routine. American women typically shave their legs, get a bikini wax, and pluck their eyebrows. Men trim areas like their chest and underarms to keep them from becoming unwieldy, snip nose hairs, and keep their eyebrows from growing together. No matter how you tackle the problem, it’s a never-ending chore. 

You don’t have to tackle irritating regrowth constantly. A few short sessions with a specialized laser can remove unwanted hair permanently. Laser hair treatments leave your follicles unable to grow hair. The hair in treated areas falls out within a few weeks and doesn’t grow back. It works best on dark hair because the laser targets the melanin that gives hair its color. It is the most effective and cost-effective hair removal treatment available.

2You’ll Never Be Embarrassed by Shadow Again 

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Don’t let stubbly hair or razor bumps derail your appearance and cause you embarrassment. It doesn’t matter if you shave, wax, or pluck the hair – it always comes back. Shaving will give you the fastest results but only lasts for a day or two. Waxing and plucking both rip the hair out at the root, so the methods last about a month. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with regrowth until the hair is long enough to treat again, waiting for it to reach ¼ to ½-inch long for effective results. Shaving can also be irritating, leading to unsightly and embarrassing nicks, razor burn, bumps, ingrown hairs, and cuts.  

Laser hair removal allows you to be confident in every outfit, so you don’t have to worry about a 5 o’clock shadow or the ugly consequences of hair removal methods. You’ll never find yourself rushing to make an appointment or soothing bumps before getting dressed for a big event. Laser hair treatments are quick, easy, and best for those who care about the way they look. Laser hair removal doesn’t cause damage to the skin, so it’s ideal even for the most sensitive skin.

3You’ll Stop Wasting Thousands on Razors and Wax

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Estimates are that a woman can spend $10,800 on bikini waxes (not including her time or tipping the aesthetician) over the course of 30 years. Shaving is much less expensive, but can still set you back $200 each year in razors and shaving cream. The real cost of shaving is in the time you spend and the effort involved in the aftercare, like exfoliation, ingrown hairs, and pain minimizing techniques. 

Treat yourself to a few quick sessions of laser hair removal and avoid spending thousands of dollars on grooming. If you add up all the time and laser hair removal cost you spend, you’ll realize that six sessions with a skilled esthetician are worth every penny. Permanent hair removal with a laser costs an average of $150 per treatment, with an average of six sessions recommended for a bikini line. You can expect touch-ups every few years after that, especially after pregnancy or menopause. Although permanent hair removal takes several sessions, the total investment is lower than the cost of long-term waxing. 

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4A Skilled Esthetician Will Achieve Lasting Results

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Make an appointment with a clinic or medical spa practice that specializes in laser hair treatments. Men have unique growth patterns, and body hair removal is different depending on the location. An experienced practitioner will have familiarity with the equipment and how to best use it to achieve lasting results. Choose a top-rated medi-spa practice with state-of-the-art laser equipment and highly skilled staff that can answer all of your questions. 

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5Make it Permanent

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Removing unwanted body hair can eat up a lot of your time and attention, not to mention leave you with an embarrassing rash or unsightly bumps. Even if you’re not the most fastidious groomer, the constant maintenance can make the task tedious. You might think the laser hair removal cost is too expensive to invest in permanent laser hair treatments, but the truth is you’ll save money over the course of a lifetime. Minimize the effort and cost of hair removal by finding out more from a reputable, experienced medical spa clinic. Laser hair removal is a good investment that pays off by saving you from potential embarrassments, as well as time and money.

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