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10 Memorable Thanksgiving Poems For Kids


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In Fourteen-Hundred-And-Ninety-Two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. If you had the rhythm going in your head with that one, then keep reading to find out which thanksgiving poems for kids you will need to have prepared for your family this year.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Thanksgiving Poems For Kids
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Poetry is a great way to help children not only memorize facts, but also to attach memories to certain moments in their childhoods. At a time where family comes for visits and spends the entire time getting to know each other again, quibbling over the dinner table, and finding ways to fill the time until bed time, Thanksgiving can seem a bit rushed, especially for the young observer. Having Thanksgiving poems for kids prepared for your children during this rushed onset of the holiday season can help slow down time and churn memories and emotions, not only for the children, but for the grown-ups as well. Keep reading to find the perfect Thanksgiving poems for kids for your family’s table.

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10 Thanksgiving Poems For Kids

  1. I’m Thankful For Turkey
    This sweet poem lists all the Thanksgiving staples that many families enjoy for Thanksgiving dinner, and expresses simple thanks for each of them. It ends up the way we all usually end up-just thankful that we can still see our toes!
  2. At Grandma’s House
    This poem is short and easy to learn, and is sure to tug at heartstrings of folks around the table who have loved a grandmother or two in their lifetimes.
  3. Albuquerque Turkey
    Poetry is often easily set to familiar tunes, and if you are familiar with “Clementine”, this poem is easily singable around the table! The quirky words and the name of the turkey will put a smile on everyone’s face, although they may view the turkey on the table a bit differently after its recitation.
  4. A Thankful Thanksgiving
    This Thanksgiving poem calls to mind the price of the freedoms we experience each day, and would be best recited by an older child, or an adult. It is important, especially for patriotic or military families, to recall those who gave of their lives to preserve our freedoms. This poem, while higher-level, has content that Americans of all ages can appreciate and connect with.
  5. A Thanksgiving Fable
    A sweet, funny story with simple, catchy rhymes creates this precious poem about a precocious cat and his thankfulness for a mouse…until the mouse changes his mind!
  6. Say Grace
    For Christian families who say prayers before dinner each night, this “special occasion” prayer is short, sweet, and to the point. Also, changing up a prayer for a holiday is another way to make sure that the children remember this special day.
  7. Sharing Is Caring
    Sharing is caring, and it rhymes for all six lines of this easy-to-learn poem. Children of all ages will get a kick out of this poem, especially if they get to choose a rival across the table.
  8. When Daddy Carves The Turkey
    Children love to giggle, and sometimes, that means that it will be at someone’s expense. This poem explores the excitement of a table filled with children watching their father desperately try to carve the turkey…and it doesn’t quite go as planned. Your table is sure to have lots of smiles and laughter with this poem.
  9. The Thanksgivings
    This poem is not necessarily one of the Thanksgiving poems for children, but it is a translation of a prayer from the Iroquois tribe. It is fitting to include a sacred reading from our Native American brothers and sisters on a day that we are grateful for their help. This is also a great opportunity to teach our children about relationships with people who are different from us, and how nurturing those relationships can make our nation stronger and better.
  10. Turkey Day Wish
    This sums up Thanksgiving through a child’s eyes- and it doesn’t get better than this! For family members of all ages, the Turkey Day Wish is a sweet way to center our thoughts around the feast that is before us and wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving!
Daily Mom Parent Portal Thanksgiving Poems For Kids

Thanksgiving is a day that fills each of our senses-the smells of the kitchen, the feel of the crisp fall air, and the embraces of our loved ones sends our minds reeling through years of feasts and celebrations. Thanksgiving poems for kids can help children begin building their memories on the foundation of rhyme and word, and will instill in them an appreciation for family, friends, and thankfulness.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Thanksgiving Poems For Kids

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