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25 Adorable Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids


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The holidays have arrived! Soon, the smells of spices and feasts will waft on the air, and it will be time for the home decor to match the fall scents. Children love to be involved in the special holidays that take place in their homes. Using their creativity and willingness to help can fill your home will seasonal decor! Simple, yet adorable Thanksgiving crafts for kids will not only fill your homes with one-of-a-kind artwork, but it will give you something to look back on in the years to come.

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10 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids: Toddlers-Preschool Age

Creating Thanksgiving crafts for kids who are preschool age is not something that you can simply hand off to your child, but it is a great way to spend quality time with them creating something beautiful for your home! Check out these adorable crafts that you can make with your little ones to kick-off the holiday season.

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10 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids: Ages 6-10

Once your child has stopped saying “I can do it by myself” and has started to show that they really can do it by themselves, their creativity becomes an outlet for their amazing personalities, and the way they view their surroundings gives parents an amazing perspective into their minds. These Thanksgiving Crafts for kids who are able to “do it by themselves” will help to fuel their creativity in a very cool way!

5 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids And Parents

Finding time to sit down and create something together as a family during the holidays is tough, but for the families that prioritize togetherness and craftiness, these Thanksgiving crafts will be a great way to bond in the midst of an otherwise busy and stressful season.

Deciding how your family can spend meaningful time together this Thanksgiving does not have to cost a fortune, and it does not have to take all day long. Our children will never be this small again, and we are only getting older. With growth comes separation, and it is important to memorialize the times we all sat together, enjoying each other’s company by doing creative things to celebrate a special day. Thanksgiving crafts for kids are not something to just distract them while you baste or bake, it is a gift of invaluable time spent during a season we focus on that for which we are most grateful.

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