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3 Easy Ways Pet Parents Can Get More Done


We all know that parenting pets is a very different experience from parenting children. For example you can’t put children in a kennel when you have a trip to the store, even as much as we’d all sometimes like to. With kids and pets running around the house, efficiency is key to creating a smooth, flowing, and stress-free household.

We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite pet tools, including a dog door, to help you take care of your furriest children without taking time away from your human ones.

3 Ways Pet Parents Can Get More Done

Install a Dog Door

A high quality dog door is a fantastic way to alleviate the need for letting fido in and out of the house when your hands are full with children. Your pup can easily let themselves out, through the dog door, ensuring accidents in the house are a rarity.

No matter what type of entrance you have to your backyard, the solutions from Endura Flap Pet Doors are perfect for your little critters. Built to be weather-tight, you can give your pets the freedom they need while ensuring your home stays insulated and secure. A three sided magnetic seal ensures that even if the wind is whipping through the backyard not a trace will make it into your warm home.

3 Ways Pet Parents Can Get More Done

The Thermo Panel 3D is the ideal solution for long term use in a sliding glass door. Installation is easy, just slide it into the existing door panel and the spring loaded top adjusts to fit the appropriate height of your door. Dual-pane glass keeps out both hot and cold weather just as efficiently as your original sliding glass door.

3 Ways Pet Parents Can Get More Done

If you are renting, or wish to remove the dog door for short while, it’s just as easy to remove as it was to install. Within minutes you can be back to a normal functioning sliding glass door or pet door.

Thermo Panel 3D

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Once installed you can be confident that your pet will easily be able to enter and leave the house throughout the day. For busy parents, this means less worrying about the animals and more time focusing on the rest of the tasks you have at hand.

3 Ways Pet Parents Can Get More Done

Subscribe to a food delivery service

There is nothing worse than trying to haul a 50 pound bag of dog food into your shopping cart when you have a squirmy toddler. Luckily for pet owners everywhere shopping for your furry friend’s meals is now as easy as a click.

The original food delivery service, Chewy, has been innovating the lives of pet owners for the last several years. With 24 hour customer service and over 1,000 brands available on their website, it’s easy and affordable to order and accommodate even the most customized diets.

If you are worried about forgetting to order you can even subscribe to “autoship” on both food and their favorite treats. Autoship packages include free shipping, a 5% discount and can be scheduled at whatever increments are best for your family’s needs.

If you are already a part of the Amazon Prime Family, it is equally as easy to subscribe and save on a platform you use regularly. Just tell Alexa you need to order a new bag of food and it’ll be on its way with Prime shipping the next day!

3 Ways Pet Parents Can Get More Done

Feed and Play with your pets from afar

When you have to spend most of the day out of the house, it’s easy to wonder what your pets are up to throughout the day. Are they getting into the garbage? Sitting on the good couch? Sleeping by the back door?

The Petzi Treat Cam from Wagz is just one of an entire family of smart pet products that allows you to watch and play with your pets from afar.

3 Ways Pet Parents Can Get More Done

Set up the Petzi in a common area of your home and you can easily access the camera from your phone, allowing you to watch your furry family member while waiting in the carpool pick up line. Through the device you can talk with your pet and even trigger a treat if they follow your commands. For pet parents on the go there is no better way to entertain and stay connected to your pet throughout the day.

3 Ways Pet Parents Can Get More Done

If a treat won’t get your pet through the day you could even put a Serve Smart Feeder in your home to ensure that mealtimes are happy even when you are away. Fill up the feeder with your favorite dog food and you can signal your pet with an audio alert when it’s time for dinner. An integrated scale keeps tabs on how much your pet is eating and you can even connect the feeder to Amazon, ensuring that food will ship before you run out!

Petzi | Serve Smart Feeder

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Innovative technology and simple home improvements can make caring for your dog just that much easier. You have enough going on with your human children and worrying about getting home in time to feed and walk the dog is a stress no one needs!

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