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These toy sets are the answer to all of your holiday gift-giving worries


Tis’ the season! It’s just about that time of year when we start hitting the stores and tackling our holiday shopping. I don’t know about you but one thing our kids put on their list every year without fail is always LEGO Duplo. Zoe and Max have had their eyes on a couple of the new Duplo sets for a while now – so I thought I would share their top toy picks with you, since they’ll make such great holiday gifts for the little munchkins on your own list this season.

Renee M Leblanc playing with LEGO Duplo toy sets for young kids with her son

For the adventure-loving explorer

Do you have a little marine biologist in your life? If so, then this set is for you! Max has really enjoyed playing with his LEGO Duplo Submarine Adventure. Our little guy could spend hours rearranging the pieces and coming up with all sorts of underwater fantasy story lines. Is there anything sweeter than watching your child use their imagination while they build and play? These little moments are the ones I want to soak up and remember forever!

Max has so much fun with the different LEGO sea life pieces and loves taking the little scuba man on all sorts of deep diving adventures. He often asks his little sister Zoe to come join in on the fun and take the other scuba lady on a trip through the deep blue sea with him. It’s so nice to see them building, playing and connecting over LEGO together. The submarine is also bath-friendly so the kids can enjoy some real underwater adventures!

Renee M Leblanc playing with LEGO Duplo toy sets for young kids with her daughter

For the imaginative prince or princess

Next up, Zoe took the LEGO Duplo Frozen Ice Castle for a spin. This little lady has had the Frozen set on her wish list since she first saw it in stores and was overjoyed when she received it as a gift. The instructions are very straightforward and, with very little help from mom, Zoe managed to build this all by herself! Of course, her favourite part was the twinkly ‘light up’ LEGO piece at the top on the castle. It made this set extra special to her; her eyes lit up with joy when she first hit the button and saw it sparkle.

Zoe has just as much fun deconstructing this set and rebuilding the castle in all sorts of different ways. Every time she creates a new masterpiece, she calls me into the room and can’t wait to show off what new build she came up with. This set is such a great gift idea if you have a little one that loves Frozen. The little Ana and Elsa figures come with dresses and capes so they can be dressed up and, of course, the kids can never get enough of Olaf the Snowman. I highly recommend slipping this special set under the tree this year!

Fun for the whole family

Building and creating with LEGO Duplo is a great way to connect and have fun with your kids. When our little ones receive gifts over the holidays, the number of toys they acquire can be overwhelming. Over the years I’ve noticed that they always end up taking a liking to one toy and ignoring the rest. Our kids always gravitate towards their new LEGO sets.  They love using their imaginations and building new things; LEGO Duplo is the toy that never gets boring. There are so many different ways they can use one single set that the possibilities seem endless! Both the LEGO Duplo Submarine Adventure and Frozen Ice Castle would make great gifts for young kids this holiday.

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