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This Fur-Baby Mom Switched to a Grocery Store Brand of Food & Here’s Why


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Dani is a mom of two, but also a fur-baby mom to her dogs, Molly and Louie. Molly has been Dani’s fur-baby for 15 years while Louie has been a part of their family for 6 years. In fact, they are her first babies- the ones she first took home to love and provide for; the ones she first worried about getting the right foods and enough play time. Molly and Louie have since grown into dogs who love their little family, including their two younger two-legged “siblings” and together they are just one big happy family. Dani is always looking for the best ways to take care of Molly and Louie. Molly is a 15-year old long haired dachshund while Louie is a 6-year old chihuahua. Every dog is different, which Dani has experienced through her charity work as a photographer for a local animal shelter but one thing remains the same – they all just want to be loved and give their love, and all dogs deserve to be well-taken care of. Dani does her research when it comes to feeding Molly and Louie because she wants them to be healthy and strong for as long as possible. They are a big part of her family, and she knows they need the best. When it comes to dog food however Dani states, “As a single mom and business owner, I need something that is affordable and something that I can pick up during my regular grocery shopping.”

Why This Fur-Mom Made the Switch to a Grocery Store Brand of Food for her Dog

Companion Dog Food
Companion Dog Food
Companion Dog Food
Companion Dog Food
Companion Dog Food
Companion Dog Food

As a fur-mom for 15 years, Dani has stuck with the same brand of dog food for years for both Molly and Louis. They liked it and it was affordable. But during a grocery run at her regular spot, Food Lion, she noticed that they had changed the face of their mainstream pet food from Home 360 to Companion. With a little bit of research, Dani found that not only is Companion an affordable option for dog food but it also offers a complete and balanced nutrition that helps her provide her pet with the love and nourishment needed for a long, happy and healthy life. Companion offers a range of trusted, high-quality pet products to meet everyday needs. Dani found that Companion saves her time and money, two things that are precious in her life. With a taste Molly and Louie enjoy and a price that Dani loves, Companion offers the best value in the category. She even started recommending the brand to her friends since Companion offers a line for dogs, cats, and birds to include food, treats, toys, and accessories. The best part? All of it is sold exclusively at Food Lion so there is no more going to several stores to get everything the whole family needs. As a single parent, Dani has had to make budget cuts along the way. She felt safe switching to Companion for Molly and Louie because she knows that all of Food Lion’s private label brands are given a double-your-money-back guarantee. “I need to know that switching things up is a safe bet,” she says. She found that Companion had the performance, nutrition, and ingredients comparative to National Brands, but at the lowest price in the category which is key for her. Dani and her little family are happy with their switch to Companion pet products. Their trusted, high-quality pet products meet everyday needs and save her time and money. She is able to pick it up during regular grocery runs since it is sold exclusively at Food Lion, and she is confident in the overall health and nutrition it provides Molly and Louie.

For More Information about Food Lion’s Private Brand labels click here and learn more about Companion, sold exclusively at Food Lion:


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