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Your Guide to a Ski Holiday in Obergurgl, Oetztal


If you’re looking for an amazing winter holiday in Europe, look no further then a ski holiday in Obergurgl. The Oetztal Alps are located in the alpine valley of Tirol, Austria and borders right up to the alps of Italy. Obergurgl is a small town within the five municipal provinces of Tirol. It is at the southern end of the Ötztal in the highest parish in Austria.

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

Oeztal is known for its amazing skiing, winter activities, and gorgeous resorts for adventure seekers. The alpine mountains of Oeztal have 6 different ski areas, including two glacier ski mountains. This area spans over 217 miles of beautiful, guaranteed ski-worthy snow in the winter. In addition to the amazing ski slopes, there are also a variety of other activities in the area including snowshoeing, tobogganing, cross-country skiing, and winter hiking. There are often one-of-a-kind special events held throughout the entire winter season for tourists and guests to experience that will make their winter holidays even more memorable.

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Accommodations are plentiful in Oeztal. There are hotels, guesthouses, apartments, and resorts that boast beautiful amenities and a relaxing atmosphere that will help you wind down after a long day on the slopes. There are a variety of packages available to meet your budgetary needs and holidays desires, which makes it easy to create a dream trip for anyone wanting to spend an amazing winter holiday in one of the most beautiful European alps.

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

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Your Ski Holiday in Obergurgl – Oeztal

There are 6 different areas on Oeztal that have amazing slopes and gorgeous accommodations for your ski holiday. However, Obergurgl in Oeztal has some of the most breathtaking views and gorgeous skiing. This secluded mountainous area is known as the “Diamond of the Alps.” The sun creates beautiful sparkling snow on the highest parish in Austria with slopes sitting at 2 miles above sea level. Because of this, Obergurgl opens for skiing in November. With 25 different ski lifts located on a mile of ski slopes, plus a myriad of other activities, you will find something for everyone in your family to enjoy.

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

Getting to Obergurgl

Obergurgl is the southern most tip of the alps in Tirol, making it the furthest location to get to but also one of the most worthy for your travels. You can fly into any of the airports surrounding the Austrian alps including Zurich, Munchen, and Innsbruk. From there you can hop aboard a train, rent a vehicle, or even climb aboard a helicopter to travel to Obergurgl. It is less than 100 miles from most major airports in the area (and only 30 miles from Munchen!) so travel to the “Diamond of the Alps” is not difficult to plan.r

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Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

Once you arrive in Obergurgl, your need for transportation will be limited to the ski lifts on the mountain. Obergurgl in Oeztal is a small, secluded, mountainous town so much of it is within walking distance from wherever you are located.

Lodging in Obergurgl

There are several different types of lodging available in Obergurgl. From inclusive resorts to cozy apartments that make you feel like you’re at home, there is something that fits the needs of every couple or family traveling to Obergurgl in Oeztal.

A Daily Itinerary Guide To Skiing In Oetztal, Tyrol

Most of the lodging is located right on the mountain which means you can ski and in out – perfect for those who are looking for an adventurous weekend filled with snow and sun. You can also find packages available to combine with your lodging that make it easy to plan your trip. These packages can include ski lift tickets, dining, and other activities to make your winter holiday exactly what you’d like it be.

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

Here is a list of some of the accomodations in Oeztal:

  • Hotel Bergwelt- This modern-day spa, wellness center, and resort has everything you need for a relaxing ski holiday. Modern pools and a free kids club make it a great family getaway.
  • Hotel Olympia- Small and cozy, this four-star hotel is located close to Rosskarbahn chair. It has a small wellness area with sauna and steam room, a wine bar, and an in-house restaurant with views of the slopes.
  • House Gstrein- This is a family-run guesthouse which is more like a bed and breakfast. It is at the bottom of the Hochgurgl mountain just outside of Obergurgl.
  • Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl- A full service resort, the Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl is in a prime location. It is in a ski-in and ski-out spot at the bottom of the Hohe Mut Bahn lift, and has a pool, spa, gym, and outdoor ski bar.
  • The Chalet at 11° East- This is a British-owned and British-run private chalet sleeping up to 10 people. It’s ski-in/ski-out location right by the children’s ski school in Obergurgl makes it ideal for families.

Activities in Obergurgl

The activities available to you when visiting Obergurgl in Oeztal are somewhat endless. One of the top-rated and most beloved activities in Obergurgl is the skiing. With Obergurgl being at the peak of the Tirol alps in Austria, it is guaranteed that there will be powdery, fresh snow all winter long for you and your family to enjoy.

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal
Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

From November to April Obergurgl is guaranteed to have snow. That means that it is perfect for all those adventurous winter lovers. Skiiers, snowboarders, and free riders from all over the world come to visit Obergurgl in Oeztal for its snow and the immaculate runs found throughout the small town. Fun Mountain has several activities for the whole family including family slopes, tobogganing, ski courses, lessons, and cross-country skiing trails.

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

You can wake up early and join the early birds for First Line skiing or join fellow night owls with floodlight lit nighttime skiing available. Ski passes, ski school, and even four different family friendly obstacle courses make the activities on Obergurgl somewhat endless.

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

Here is a list of some of the best ski runs in Oeztal:

  • Rosskarbahn- 3,038 meters of runs that include a few blue, some reds, and three black diamonds.
  • Hochgurgl- a 1,200 meter run is the longest one here, but the chair itself will take you up to options of blues, reds, and blacks. It is a great hill for intermediate skiers.
  • Hohe Mut- 2,790 meters up, this is the most popular run in Obergurgl. The peak boasts one of the best restaurants in the area and many people go up to eat and enjoy the Italian skyline bordering the mountain. The way down is all reds and blacks, so it is a more difficult run with steeper terrain.
  • For freestylers- Familypark is situated next to the Bruggenboden lift for freestylers. More advanced freestylers can head to a new terrain park that opened in 2018, closer to the Steinmannbahn chairlift.

Dining in Obergurgl

After a long day of skiing, nothing sounds quite as good as hot, delicious food. Many of the restaurants, cafes, and pubs in the Obergurgl are easy to access by simply skiing right up to the door. Pop off your skis and enjoy some traditional Austrian, Swiss, and German foods.

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

Many of the hotels in Obergurgl are open to having outside guests come and enjoy their cuisine as well. You can cozy up to the Alpine mountains in rustic hits or enjoy a fancy meal at a 5-star restaurant. Throughout the town there is traditional Tirolean cooking and international specialties, making sure that you will find something suitable to everyone’s tastebuds.

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

Obergurgl is also known for its wine culture. Many of the restaurants and cafes offer an extensive wine list as well as locally produced wines that are unlike any others you have ever tried. In addition to the wine culture, the cafes and bakeries around town are highly influenced by nearby Italy, offering delectable treats and amazing coffees.

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

If you’re looking for something a little more fun, Obergurgl also has an amazing nightlife. Bars and nightclubs are spotted around the town, offering cocktails, wine, and beer as well as some fun dancing and great company.

Here are some delicious restaurants you have to enjoy while staying in Obergurgl:

  • Pizzeria Belmonte- Located inside the Haus Gurgl Hotel, this pizzeria incorporates its nearby Italian roots with wood-fired pizzas that are to die for.
  • Edelweiss & Gurgl- If you’re looking to try traditional Triolean foods, the restaurant located inside the hotel has an a la carte menu available so you can try a variety of dishes.
  • Hohe Mut Alm- Easily one of the most popular restaurants in Obergurgl, the Hohe Mut Alm is located at the top of the mountain and overlooks both the Austrian and Italian skylines. Its delicious food is paired with craft beer and delicate wines, but don’t worry, you can work it off on the red and black runs on the way back down.
Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

Obergurgl in Oeztal is one of the most gorgeous ski destinations in all of Europe. Known as the “Diamond of the Alps” this high elevation resort town will give you amazing ski runs, fun activities, delicious food, and wonderful accommodations. You can’t go wrong planning your next dream winter ski holiday in Obergurgl. And with snow from November until April, you have plenty of time!

Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

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Things To Do On A Ski Holiday In Obergurgl, Oetztal

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